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Daniel, Mac Genius
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Apple certified on desktop and portable, help desk qualified. Have owned and used Macs since 1989.
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I have a box in the middle of my desk top screen that wont

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I have a box in the middle of my desk top screen that won't go away no matter what I do. (computer is 27 inch imac gift from my children)
There was an adobe box with a wrench in it in the dock. I hit on it and got this awful box. It says in it "Repair Setup"
"Adobe Reader has detected that there are missing components that require repair" etc

(Then a checked box) and "Adobe PDFViewer Safari PLugin"
"View, fill-in and collaborate on Adobe PdFs within Safari
Cancel Continue"
(Nothing responds to anything and I can't get rid of this box.) PLease help me.
Chat Conversation Started
Daniel :

Hello, my name is Dan.

Daniel :

The first thing we need to do is to remove that item from automatically starting up when you boot your Mac.

Daniel :

To do that, open System Preferences/Accounts and then click once on your name in the list on the left, even if you are the only one in the list.

Daniel :

Then click where it says Login Items, in the resulting window there should be an item called Adobe with something following it.

Daniel :

If there is nothing there that has anything to do with Adobe, then please tell me what is in the list.

Daniel :

Another thing you can do, that will turn that off, is to hold down the option and command keys and then press the escape key. This will open the force quit window, click on the Adobe repair application and then click force quit. This will get it off of your screen and then we can figure out how to get rid of it altogether.

Customer: In login items there is a check in a box under Hide and under item it says iTunes Helper. That's all.
Customer: Is the command key the one that says control or the one with the apple? Either way I do it, the box is still there, the box with Repair Setup etc. I don't see the Adobe Repair application anywhere either.
Customer: In login items there is a check in a box under Hide and under item it says iTunes Helper. That's all.9:17 PMIs the command key the one that says control or the one with the apple? Either way I do it, the box is still there, the box with Repair Setup etc. I don't see the Adobe Repair application anywhere either.
Customer: Do you see my comments or did I write in the wrong place?
Customer: What now? Close this window? That box responds to nothing I click on, can't be copied, and can't be moved.
Customer: By the way that adobe symbol with the wrench through it appeared once before and I think I got rid of the box by turning the computer off and rebooting but that didn't work this time. The adobe wrench was gone for awhile in the dock and then just came back all by itself the other day. It is possible because I opened something that used adobe. I think so,
Customer: I was just eating my tv dinner when I thought of this. Open the trash.
Customer: in the trash was adobe reader 9 alias, adobe air application installer, adobe Rd930 en US 1386 pkfg, adobe Air uninstaller, and adobe reader 9.
Customer: This all started when I called Charles Schwab because I couldn't read my quarterly report and I got transferred to a tech who had me do all kinds of things and then gave up. Some of those things in the trash may have been ideas of mine, I'm not sure. I have always had adobe since the kids gave me this computer at Christmas or transferred it from my old Mac
Customer: Should I empty the trash?
Customer: The Scwab guy said he thought my problem might be that I didn't have the latest version of adobe and that was what he was trying to do. where do I find out if I still have adobe somewhere besides he trash?
Customer: I go to Force Quit by going to the apple and hitting force quit. There is nothing about adobe there in force quit.
Daniel :

Good morning, I am sorry that I missed you last night. I had signed off probably 15 minutes before you got back to me.

Daniel :

You found the force quit okay, and the command key is the one with the Apple or the Cloverleaf on it.

Daniel :

Yes the Adobe air is the problem. You do not need Adobe to read PDFs, you have a very nice application called Preview that will do many things with PDFs including editing.

Daniel :

To remove or uninstall the Adobe air opened your application's window and drag it to the trash, anything that has anything to do with Adobe air trash it, it will continue to cause problems if you do not.

Daniel :

Adobe recommends this method to remove Adobe air, double-click on the hard drive icon in the upper right corner of your desktop, double-click Applications and locate the Utilities folder. Inside of that folder will be the Adobe Air Uninstaller. Let that do the work.

Daniel :

After that's done then restart and see if it gets better. And let me know please.

Customer: I opened the applications window. The only Adobe thing in there was an Adobe Reader 9 red icon box. I clicked on the Adobe 9 Reader icon box and another box opened with another red Adobe icon and a read me box. I clicked on that red box and nothing happened.
Daniel :

Okay, now we are going to get drastic. In the upper right-hand corner is a thing that looks like a magnifying glass called Spotlight. In the text field type in Adobe, it will list everything it finds. And it will take you to each one if you click on it. Do that and see if you can find anything to do with Adobe air are this Adobe reader. I suggest trashing everything that you do find and then restarting again. If you need to we can reinstall certain Adobe products.

Customer: I do not have a hard drive icon in the upper right corner of desk top, My old Mac had a hard drive icon on desk top but this one never has had one on the desk top and I wish it did. On the top left of the screen is the apple and Safari. I can't get rid of Safari because it says I will lose you if I do. So I can't go looking for hard drive.
Customer: MY next idea was to take adobe air uninstaller from the trash which I tried to do.
Daniel :

That was a good idea, did it work? To get the hard drive icon on your desktop is fairly easy,

Full Size Image
you will find this when finder is in the menu bar and you select finder preferences from the drop-down menu. Simply check mark those items that you want to show on your desktop.

Customer: I moved the icon for it to desk top. At far bottom left a little box opened up with a moving blue and white striped bar that said "preparing to move to "Desktop" with a Adobe Air uninstaller icon next to it. Another one of these was right below it, a duplicate. The blue and white bar kept moving for a long time so I saw nothing was happening so I clicked on the Adobe Air Installer icon on the desk top. A black background box cam on the screen saying did I really want to do that. ( by now the moving bar in the lower left corner is still moving but is tan and white instead of blue and white). Above the black box came a screen asking my password. I gave it the one I use for a lot of things and that box went away apparently satisfied. I clicked yes I do want to get rid of Air Installer.
Customer: I just notice that little box in the left corner is entitled Copy. I just scrolled down and see that a firefox symbol has next to it, "The Operation can't be completed because a required item is in use."
Daniel :

You can stop the second one, it is redundant anyway. Just let it complete the task and see what happens.

Customer: My phone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. If I lose you and do anything myself bacause of tips you have given me I will pay you in the event I lose the accept answer screen so call me if that happens.
Daniel :

I cannot call you, this is our only means of communication, other than a standard question-and-answer which is done via e-mail and even that is not direct. Simply bookmark this site and you can return right back to it.

Customer: This is an answer to your 9:24 am message. I hit spotlight and what came up about adobe was Top hit Adobe Reader. Under applications was Adobe Reader and Adobe Reader Uninstaller. I hit Adobe Reader Uninstaller and I got the black box asking if I meant it, the password XXXXX and another set in the left corner withthe moving candy strip and saying preparing to copy Adobe Air Uninstaller and another "preparing to move to desk top, and the old ones also. I tried to move the Adobe Air Installer icon on the desk top back to trashe and there is now a little lower left box about that also.
Customer: I put you in bookmark as suggested.
Daniel :

At this point, I think it is time to reinstall the operating system. Adobe has things damaged enough is going to be impossible to unravel.

Daniel :

Since you have a brand-new 27 inch iMac you have Snow Leopard running on it. That makes it easy to do this. Find the installation disc and insert it, then restart the iMac and hold down the letter C, only that no other keys. You may want to bookmark this site first, that way you can return to this if you have any other problems.

Daniel :

It will boot from the installation DVD and from there just follow the on-screen prompts. It will reinstall your operating system and keep all of your data and network settings intact so that nothing is lost but everything returns to normal. You will have to do some updates probably from Apple, that will bring things back up to speed. I recommend shying away from Adobe. All the software that you need to read PDFs and other things of that nature is already on your Mac.

Daniel :

Let me know what you think.

Customer: I am still where I started. I can't do that myself (reinstall). However, the computer works pretty well otherwise. I has one little problem. Theh go back arrow is missing so on the top left
Customer: I am still where I started. I can't do that myself (reinstall). However, the computer works pretty well otherwise except for no emptying trash. It has one little problem. The go back arrow is missing on the top left of a regular screen so I can't return to a previous page. How about you tell me how to fix that and I will then hit accept answer. If Idon;t hear from you soon I won't be back until
Customer: If I don't hear from you soon I won't be back until Sunday.
Daniel :

That is an easy fix, and the menubar with Safari open click on View and select customize toolbar. It will look like this.

Full Size Image

Daniel :

Then you can customize what you see in the toolbar, pretty much anything you like.

Daniel :

Try that let me know.

Customer: I see customize toolbar but don't know what to hit to get the back arrow back. Drag what into the toolbar and where is the toolbar? I need this made very simple.I tried to drag the back and forth arrow up to the top next to ."Safari..history bookmarks help" but it wouldn't stay there.
Daniel :

You simply drag it to the position it should be in or where it used to be. You can drag the default set to where the toolbar is on the top of the Safari window.

Customer: Okay, it works. i just tried it. Thanks.
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