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Connected iPhone to iPad via photo adapter (USB) and synched/dumped

Resolved Question:

Connected iPhone to iPad via photo adapter (USB) and synched/dumped pics into iPad. AccidentAlly hit delete and my most recent photos disappeared. iPad photos were replaced with the first two thirds of what was on my iPhone.

The iPhone says No Photos or Videos. Any chance I can undelete or otherwise recover lost photos? I wasted money on the adapter. What use is it to dump my pics in the iPad only to wipe out everything with only the items I dump in (and even worse, lose my photos that I dump)?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  robgranholm replied 7 years ago.
There's no way to recover those deleted photos, I'm sorry to say! The device is meant to either copy the items from a camera or iPhone to the iPad so it can clear space on the device (photographers love this feature), or transfer them (and then deleting afterwords). What doesn't make any sense here is why the iPad photo's we're replaced...are you sure about this? I can only imagine this would happen if your iPad did not have any space left. Hitting the delete option is what allowed items to be erased though, I wish there was a recover for photo's but if their not on a computer somewhere, they are gone. Sorry, wish I had better news.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay I lost pics. Are you telling me I can just dump into the iPad and it won't delete the contents in the iPad. I will try again and just hook it up and hit nothing, and it will just add to the pictures in the iPad.

But I can't dump into an album, I have created 4 albums, but all the iPad let's me do is copy, but not cut or paste.I keep pushing down but no option to cut or paste like I get with the iPhone.

Worst problems are with iTunes. I have a designated file in my window 7 laptop where I synch all my big iPad file. Never sure if what is on the iPad will add to the pc file, delete and replace the contents of the pc file, copy from pc file to iPad, swap, delete, overwrite, WTF. These are easy questions for you, but I can't find this basic stuff online.

I HATE ITUNES AND NEED HELP. Also I can't get all my apps to recover on the new iTunes on my new laptop. Every time I have to backup and restore iPhone to factory settings via my new iTunes on new pc, when I restore my iPhone no apps are ther, requiring me to restore from the old ituwnes (same account number, just a different pc). So I have lost tons of stuff and always have to go back to where I was in time from Dec 09. All items in 2010 are lost. I know you gotta simple fix don iTunes. I curse Apple every time I venture in to the non-user friendly iTunes. They act like we all grew up with iTunes, cause I can find no instructions.

I know you can quickly guide me through this Apple 101. I have to master iTunes so I can use this iPad and iPhone. It would be cool if in iPad I could move arou d my pics and make sense of the photos without losing them.. TAKE YOUR TIME I GOT ALL DAY. I WILL BE ASKING A COUPLE FOLLOW UPS PROBABLY.
Expert:  robgranholm replied 7 years ago.
Well the first issue which is easy to get confused on, is that an iPhone and iPad can only be synced to one computer, that's the cold hard fact. There are some work arounds but basically if you try to plug it into multiple computers, it's going to ask you to restore it and wipe out all the data each time. You need to stick with one computer, from the old laptop to the new laptop. The "big iPad file" is locked and in only a format the iPad can read so you can't really see exacly how big it's going to be, it's correlated with what you load onto it inside iTunes. ... and for the original question, yes it should just add pictures to the iPad...and then to get the pictures off the iPad you need to sync the iPad with the computer, that will pull the pictures off the iPad back onto the computer. Oh and feel free to follow up with questions...I'll be around as well.

Edited by robgranholm on 6/1/2010 at 1:20 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I need to use only my new laptop to deal w iTunes. I know that. But there is something I need to do to get everything onto the new pc and iTunes. I can't figure out what to do to get the old apps onto the new pc. Your not telling me that I lose all my old apps I have purchased because they ride only with the old pc. Is iTunes so shortsighted that a person cannot move all their crap onto a new laptop? I am beholden to the original location of my iTunes. I think there has to be a way to synch and move it all. But as usual, I can't tell if I lose stuff, add stuff, delete , stuff, Synch to me should men all the stuff on both devices is added together for double the items in both the iPhone and the iTunes backup. But instead I live in fear of what the heck will be deleted from which device when all I want to do is dump ALL my apps, photos, etc into iTunes making it grow ever larger but never overwriting.

I am now unable to fully backup my iPhone on iTunes on the new laptop.. When I go to restore only the c
Apps and photos of 2010 show up, if that. Basically when I restore there are no apps,,,
Expert:  robgranholm replied 7 years ago.
Got it. How frustrating. You can move things to the new computer, but there's no built in way for iTunes to do it. Basically you are on your own to transfer the entire iTunes library and all the contents to the new computer. There are various ways to do can put everything on discs to transfer it over, if you know how to link the computers over the network you can do that...but it's a lengthy process. Basically you need to rebuild your library on the new computer if your iTunes content on the old PC is all over the place. I can tell you that downloading an app or song you paid for already is FREE the second you can re-download the content on the new laptop without a charge. That should at least help you rebuild the library on the new laptop...that way you won't have to do a restore which sounds like it's not working well anyway... you can just completely start over and wipe the iPhone of the old data...and put the new content from the new laptop on (which should be same because, again you've transfered all the content over from the old laptop) ... i know it's an annoying process...I wish there was a big easy TRANSFER ALL TO NEW COMPUTER option in iTunes...but alas there's not. Thats the reality of it. I can also tell you on a PC most of the songs and content should be in the "My Music" folder, but that's not a'll take some folder cleaning to move over all the content to the new iTunes. Wish I could do more for you!
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