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have iMac OSX 10.3.9 given to me/beleive it was MAC 9 How

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have iMac OSX 10.3.9 given to me/beleive it was MAC 9 How do I rip LPs & cassettes? what hook up needeed and will it do
Hi there!

What you will need is a cassette and/or LP player that has a standard audio output (Red and Black RCA output cable). Then you will need to purchase and RCA to USB converter. A great one that comes with recording software is made by Griffin Technology and is called the iMic. Here is a link: . Hope that helps!
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
A Mac User of years said -RCA out from Stero and into Headphone outle=? also I can not use iMic as my Mac is 10.3.9.I need to get a easy to use Sound Recording Software=got 1 ? Thanks
Hi there!

I would not recommend a stereo into microphone since there is little way to regulate the input and it could potential cause damage to the unit. Instead I would recommend using an RCA to USB converter such as the iMic. Most of these devices to require newer software. Your computer probably cannot run the latest Mac OS X (10.6) but you may be able to find used copies of 10.5 on ebay that should let you use the iMic. Even Mac OS X 10.4 will work with it. Updating your OS and adding the imic should solve your issue. A local music shop might sell other solutions compatible with 10.3.9.