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I have a notice on my computer stating that it is infected

Resolved Question:

I have a notice on my computer stating that it is infected with numerous viruses (the Microsoft for Mac software) requiring me to purchased a patch using my credit card. The address used is Is this legitimate and initiated by Mac? Help. Thanks, Mary
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Alan_Ramos replied 7 years ago.
Good day,

It would appear this is not a legitimate site. McAfee and aVast! both detect an automatic download attempt and list this as a threat.

Specific type of attack: JS:FakeAV-EC (trojan)

Legitimate updates from Apple or Microsoft are handled either through their own supplied updaters for OS X or Office or found on their websites only. Do not trust any other supplier for updates.

Do you have Anti-Virus software for your computer now?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have only what came with my Mac when I bought it last year. My understanding is that nothing further is needed and that Macs are much safer to use than pcs.
Expert:  Alan_Ramos replied 7 years ago.

While Macs have enjoyed relative safety over the years we still need to be wary of malicious software or trojan horse type applications or scripts.

I encourage you to consider protecting yourself with some sort of anti-virus protection before you find out damage is done rather than after.

While not so easily susceptible you are still very capable of spreading infection through Microsoft files using macros (a la Office 2004 etc).

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This event occurred after I inadvertently left Skype open; the alert came from Skype. Does that change the picture at all?
Expert:  Alan_Ramos replied 7 years ago.
If since rebooted or you've quit all open applications, so they're not showing as active on your dock, and you get popups then I would be concerned.

If you get anonymous Personal Messages with information like this then I wouldn't worry about it too much as nothing has been done to install without your password.

If you visited the website and was asked to supply your credentials then an attempt was made to install something- a scan of your system would be worthwhile. While quite rare it is possible.

Normally these attacks drop something in your browser's cache or even install or run using Java. PCs are more problematic when running with administrator privileges. The Mac will generally always ask you for your password XXXXX system changes (anything affecting the root folders in your hard drive like: Applications, Library, System, Users (but not within individual user folders) are accepted and made.

Did you supply any credentials after seeing this message and if so did you supply them?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I clicked on the link they provided and started to fill out the form for the patch before I realized I had no idea who I was about to provide this information to. I stopped then and contacted you. That's all that I have done.
Expert:  Alan_Ramos replied 7 years ago.

Continue to be suspicious about things like this- the Mac community will be targeted more and more as we become more widely used. You did well to pay attention to your red flags here. And likely avoided some rather nasty charges to your card or worse, your identity.

Consider using antivirus suites that offer anti-phishing protection such as: (my personal favorite) (many use this)

My experience with McAfee for Mac is that it is good for anti-virus but doesn't offer as robust an interface to help with web threats by offering explanations etc.. But its also available. Good luck!

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