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Heres my dilemma I have an issue where I keep getting bumped

Customer Question

Heres my dilemma I have an issue where I keep getting bumped off my home network. It happens when I am browsing the web and all of a sudden I have to release and renew the ip address again to get to the next page. Now I have 2 Macbook pros version 10.6.3 on I use for browsing the web and creating files and the other is used primarily for audio production. The problem occurs on everything that is wireless I have 3 regular PC laptops in my house that the problem also happens with. The problem occurred in my last place of residence with totally different computers. I work for the cable company so I am positive that the problem doesn't happen from the cable modem because I swapped it like 4 times and I am sure that the signal and the plant are in running up to spec. I went through about 4 routers and there is no static ips on any of my pcs or macs. Two computers can be next to each other and the problem will happen with both but at different times so while I cant browse the computer next to me can and vice versa. If I leave the macbook for like 15 minutes and come back I will have to renew the ip to browse again. Its almost like a timed thing and I am all out of answers for this. I wiped a PC laptop clean erased the hard drive and installed a fresh version of windows without anything else and the problem still happened. Hardwired I have no troubles! I don't have any cordless phones in the house and I am far from anybody else's house. The problem will happen at anytime even when I am home alone at 3am and just using the one macbook. I just don't get it! I hope somebody can help me.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Alan_Ramos replied 7 years ago.

quick questions on your router's setup.

Do you have it set to serve DHCP addresses to a range covering all the systems you're connecting with? For instance if you open the DHCP range to 4 systems in the router's admin page and you connect a fifth system someone is going to either get booted or you'll never connect with the fifth unit.

Second question for you, if you look at your router's admin page look for your DCHP settings and find the lease times you have specified for each IP address you are assigning from the DHCP pool.

My thinking here is that if you have short lease times for DHCP addresses and not enough open to cover your systems you'll run into this problem.