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Downgrading my iMovie software may work. Stay tuned.

Customer Question

I have iMovie 9 running on an Intel MacBook Pro 17" and a Sony HDR-CX12, which is a replacement for my original CX12 which I lost (I bought the "new" one stripped down on eBay). My original one worked fine with iMovie, but when I connect this camera to my Mac to import into iMovie, the thumbnails are just blank "movie strips" instead of true thumbnails. I can import to my hard drive, but when I try to play back the clips, I get the message, "No matching video, choose a different option from the Show pop-up menu at the lower left corner." That button is set for "All Clips," and switching it doesn't make any difference. I reformatted my 16 GB card, thinking perhaps it was "linked" to my old camera in some way, but no change. I can play back video directly to my t.v., but that's all.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Daniel replied 7 years ago.
HelloCustomer my name is Dan.
Obviously you know how to do this because you had a camera exactly like it.
Can you explain to me more about the stripped-down camera?
Is this a newer version of the Sony camera?
It sounds like either a, there is a problem in iMovie or b, there is corruption in the file itself.
I recommend as a first step, repairing permissions, this is done with Disk Utility found in Applications/Utilities, it looks like this.
Remember, this is a first step and may not solve the problem.
It is however, a good place to start.
If that does not have the desired results, then there are other steps to take.
Let me know please.

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