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I have a mac book pro 17 running snow leopard. When I start

Resolved Question:

I have a mac book pro 17" running snow leopard. When I start up and enter my password XXXXX the password XXXXX it seems to accept it (no shaking of the sign in window), goes momentarily to the blue screen and then immediately jumps back to the sign in screen. Have tried it dozens of times and always the same thing happens. Have also rebooted several times but that does not help. What do I do to get past this?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
First do this:

Put the Snow Leopard system disk in and restart holding down the C key until you see the Apple logo. When you get to the install screen DO NOT INSTALL, you will see at the top of the screen a Utilities menu drop down. Go the Disk Utility, click on your drive on the left and click Verify Disk if OK also repair Permissions. If not OK try to Repair.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
1. Verifying disk said HD corrupt. Also said invalid sibling link.
2. I repaired permissions and it came back permission repair failed. Under that it said repair complete.
3. I repaired HD. It came back saying Disk Utility can't repair this disk. It says Backup, reformat, and restore backed up files. How can I back up the drive if I cannot access it?

Tried booting up from TechTool Deluxe CD and DiskWarrior CD (I heard that they can sometimes repair things that Disk Utility can't. But the computer doesn't acknowledge that TechTool is there and it spits out DiskWarrior (when I try to restart holding down C). Could I access them by putting them in a different computer and setting the problem computer up as a Target disk? Or is it not worth even trying them?

Where do I go from here?

Thnks for help

Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
You can try the target disk mode and try to repair with latest Disk Warrior from other machine, but you should be able to get an update so the Disk Warrior CD/DVD will boot your mac.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I only have diskwarrior v. 3.0.1 and Techtool Pro was supplied by apple with their protection plan. Don't know why I can't boot up from it. Tried booting up as target disk ( connecting to another Macbook Pro 17". The problem computer shows that it is in target mode but it's icon is not showing up on the other computer. I have tried 2 different firewire cables. I noticed that on the apple site this exact problem is described but says that it effects different computers than mine and on OS Leopard (isn't that different than Snow Leopard?) Follows is apples description and solution. Can it do any harm to try what they say?
Please advise where I should go from here to get into this computer and if I have to do a clean install, how do I get the drive backed up?

After installing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on a 20-inch or 24-inch iMac (Mid 2007) computer (ones that have an aluminum frame), you may not be able to log in at the login window. Your login name and password XXXXX apparently accepted, but after a blue screen appears for a few seconds, the login window reappears instead of your desktop.

Products Affected
iMac (20-inch, Mid 2007), iMac (24-inch Mid 2007), Mac OS X 10.5
If Leopard is installed

Start up from the Leopard Install DVD and perform an Archive and Install installation (and select Preserve Users and Network Settings).

After the Archive and Install is complete, you should be able to successfully log in. Use Software Update to install any other updates.

Important: Install the iMac Software Update 1.3 for Leopard after the Archive and Install is complete.

Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
You absolutely DO NOT want to try and reinstall your system when your drive is corrupt. You will need to upgrade Disk Warrior to a version that will boot on your Mac or take it in somewhere and have the drive corruption repaired.

Edited by Mike the MacMedic on 5/1/2010 at 10:36 PM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
since apparently I need to buy new software for this problem, is there a program you would recommend that is better than DiskWarrior?
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
No actually I have had the best luck with Disk Warrior, even more than TechTool Pro. Or you can try this if you are adventurous:
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