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I run an Imac with OS X version 10.5.2.Our internet connection

Resolved Question:

I run an Imac with OS X version 10.5.2.Our internet connection is with Talk Talk and we generally use Firefox, but also Safari. For most of the time we have no problem accessing Google, but quite often in the evenings a search produces a page of what in my ignorance I assume to be Chinese, and fail to get through although a restart generally fixes the problem

Is there something that we could/should do to eliminate this recurrring problem.

Many thanks for your suggestions

Richard Cocke
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  loadedmind replied 7 years ago.
Hi Richard and welcome to JustAnswer - I'm John.

The first thing I noticed is that you mentioned your version of Leopard is currently at 10.5.2. While it would be nearly impossible to assume a software update would fix your current issue, it certainly couldn't hurt.

Click the Apple icon at top left and choose "Software Update", then follow the prompts to get your system up to the latest most current version - 10.5.8. Immediately after the update, you need to go ahead and use Disk Utility to repair disk which will fix improperly set permissions that sometimes happens as a result of these software updates. Here are the steps to do this:

Repairing Disk Permissions

1) Close any/all applications, programs, etc.

2) Open the Disk Utility by selecting Applications -> Utilities -> and then Disk Utility

3) From the left pane toward the top, select Macintosh HD (or whatever name you've called it if changed from default)

4) From the right pane toward the bottom, select the "Repair Disk Permissions" button. Once complete, reboot your Mac.

Note: This process can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or so. Things that can affect the time it takes Repair Disk Permissions to complete:

* Whether you've run Repair Disk Permissions or not
* How fast your computer is

From my experience, I've seen this utility fix all sorts of issues - anywhere from Applications/Utilities not launching or responding to Mac computers not booting properly. Because of this, I recommend you do this once every couple of months and any time you perform an Apple Software Update.

Go ahead and try launching Google again to see whether this may have resolved your issue or not. Be sure and try from both browsers just to rule out whether the problem lies with a particular browser or not.

You mentioned you use Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Are both of these browsers exhibiting the same symptoms?

Something else that would be good to know is your current DNS settings. Please open System Preference and click Network (gray globe icon). On the left pane, select which method you're currently using to connect to the internet. If you connect wirelessly, choose Airport. If you have a cable coming from your Mac to your router, choose Ethernet. On the right pane, copy/paste the data from the DNS Server field and post it here in your reply please.

If the information I've provided meets with your approval and resolves your issue, please let me know and you can Accept the answer (and if possible, leave positive feedback). If not, please DO NOT Accept the answer. Instead, let me know what happened and we'll try some more things or I can refer you to another Expert who may be able to help you further.

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