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Daniel,Back on april 10th, you gave me info on how to get

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Back on april 10th, you gave me info on how to get my mac to boot after I had run out of space on my hard drive. I've been working crazy hours so I just finally got a chance to try your suggestion, last night. I was lucky, and was able to reboot it, but most of my files were gone. On a positive note, I had backed them up on a secondary internal disk as well as an external Maxtor One Touch drive. Now the problem is that I have 10.5.8 on a secondary internal drive that I installed(which is what I want to use) but when I go into disk utility to change the start up disk, it won't reboot from the secondary disk. the screen just looks grey and blank.

The One Touch drive, shows when I'm in disk utility, but i can't get the icon on the hard drive nor can I see the files that are in it. A friend said I need to partition the One Touch but I'm afraid of deleting importan files.
How can I get the G5 to boot with the internal disk and, if that does not work, how can I get the computer to recognize the One touch?
I cannot locate my original 10.5.8 disk and info but I reinstalled my 10.3.9.
i will be glad to assist you in that issue.

#1 DON'T format the external hard drive as that would delete all the data on it.

#2 did you try holding the option key while booting , and check if you see the external drive available to boot from.

if that worked Please accept.
if not , please reply here

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I just tried it. Only my main drive and the secondary internal drive show up available to boot. Still, I cannot boot from that secondary internal drive. The drive shows that it has one volume, when I look in disk utility and it says not mounted. the external one touch shows up in disk utility but I can't see what's on it.
That indicates that the external drive is not bootable.
hard drives just like any other storage media can be bootable (formatted with a boot record in order to boot without the Aid of installed Operating system) or can be non-bootable which is the case of your external hard drive, it might have ALL YOUR DATA but you can't boot from it.
In case that external drive have your data , you can format and reinstall mac OS on the internal hard drive, and then connect the external one, and move all your files to their adjacent location.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks for your answer. I still cannot get to the info. I re-installed and then re-connected the external drive. Same problem. I'm wondering if there is a way to copy the contents of the external drive, to a disk, evnen though I cannot see the files, I'm noot really all that good at the technical stuff.
Any help on getting the info from the disc wilud be appreciated.
if you can't see these info
that means they are either in a non-readable format OR the disk is empty
what makes you think the disk is not empty ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I had almost 75 gig of info on the main hard drive (almost full)when I did the back up. That same amount was on my external drive when completed. I used to be able to read it but once my memory became too low to reboot, I eventually got the computer to reboot, pressing P,R, opt and command but the G5 no longer read the external drive. I had misplaced my disk and update info for osx10.5.8 so I reinstalled 10.3.9. Most of the current stuff I hae runs on 10.4 at the latest.
10.5.8 isbacked up on the external drive. I just can't get to it.
Your external hard drive does it connect through 1 USB port, 2 USB ports, or 1 USB port with external power ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
One USB port with external power.
Does it appear in finder when you plug it in your mac ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
no but it shows in Disk utility
Sorry for taking long to answer.
if it shows in disk utility but not in finder,
then it is either a non-formatted disk, OR formatted with a format that is un-readable by MAC.
or might be an encrypted disk.
so i honestly doubt you will be able to get any information out of this disk.