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Category: Mac
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8 vertical lines on screen and increasing in number weekly

Resolved Question:

8 vertical lines on screen and increasing in number weekly
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Ashik replied 7 years ago.
Hi I am Ashik. I think i can help you

What type of Mac is this ? iMac G5 ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Expert:  Ashik replied 7 years ago.
Just as i suspected, I saw this problem on many Mac's (Mostly G5s) and it will result in either the replace of either logic board or graphic card repair. So to make sure this is not a hardware issue, you can create a new user account. So goto System Preferences and open Accounts. Create a new Administrator account and restart your Mac. now login with the new account and if the problem still exists, then it might me the hardware issue.

Replacement of both Graphics Card or Logic board is very costly (costs $250-$500 + Service Charge). It'd be better to buy a new Mac instead of fixing the old one if it is a logic board or graphics issue. Apple had announced a Repair Extension Program for iMac G5 for Video or Power Issues, but its ended. (You can read mode from here)

So my recommendation is, take it to the Apple store directly and ask them to repair it or replace the logic board. It is better to take it to the Authorized apple store and not to local computer shops. Since, this is a hardware issue only Apple can help you.

Apple Retail Store (Genius bar)

Apple Authorized Service Provider

I know this is the answer you don't want to hear, but i'm sorry i can't do anything. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reply back to this post. Good Luck !

Best Regards,
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Expert:  Ashik replied 7 years ago.
Here are some screen shots of that problem ;

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Best Regards,