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David Kirk
David Kirk, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  4+ yrs personal use experience, 2+ yrs Mac technical support experience, 13+ yrs desktop experience.
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For Any Expert Problems with iDVD Please help--Urgent!

Customer Question

Problems with iDVD: Please help--Urgent! I'm having problems with the iDVD program on the iMac.   I've been working very hard with editing and adding my photos into the iDVD program and adding five movie files into the iDVD program. I'm making a portfolio. I have four different slideshows and one submenu containing five movie files. I've burned two DVDs and each one of them contained a problem with "skipping over the damaged area"... such as not playing the movie file or playing the slideshow.   I tried different compressions (Best Performance, HIgh Quality, and Professional Quality) and each of them displayed the skipping "over damaged area" problems.   How do I fix this? I need this portfolio to work. Please help... I will provide a bonus.   Thanks.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  David Kirk replied 7 years ago.
Have you tried playing them in another computer or DVD player and do you see the same issue when you do so?
Expert:  David Kirk replied 7 years ago.
You might also try playing the DVD with another player. VLC is a good one to try. You can download it from this link.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Nevermind... I fixed the problem. It was a disk problem. Thanks anyway.
Expert:  David Kirk replied 7 years ago.
Sounds good. Thanks for using Just Answer.