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Brandon M.
Brandon M., Mac Support Specialist
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I have a Power Mac G-5 running PhotoShop CS3. I dont have

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I have a Power Mac G-5 running PhotoShop CS3.
I don't have Camera Raw however, and would like to install it for use with the Ps CS3.

I don't have the entire PS CS3 Suite, just PhotoShop.

How do I do that?

Also, I am considering upgrading to Ps CS4 without acquiring the full CS4 Suite. What are my options for doing that?
Kenneth C Rogers
Hi there,

Camera Raw is available on the Photoshop CS3 disc. Just pop the disc in, run the installer and choose a custom install. Select Camera Raw from the options and install it.

If you wish to upgrade to Photoshop CS4 without the suite, you can get it directly from Adobe below:

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately after I tried to use it, I ran into an insurmountable problem that came about because of an unfortunate marketing policy of Adobe that I had forgotten. I am writing this to provide you with some additional information that I neglected to include when I stated my problem. Incidently, I am not reversing my acceptance of your answer which was correct given the information I provided.
The difficulty came about, when after updating various versions of PhotoShop for years, I decided to acquire the full CS Suite which included an updated version of PS. After a couple of years I decided that I wanted an updated version of PS from the one I had in CS Suite, but I didn't want a whole new Suite. So I purchased from the Web just a PS update, but when I went to activate it the required legacy Serial number of the Suite wouldn't work. I called Adobe and was told by a somewhat snippy person that versions of PS in a Suite cannot be individually updated and that I should have called Adobe before purchasing the PS update, and that nothing could be done. Well, I went back to the serial number of the version of PS that I had before acquiring the CS Suite and with that I was able to get PS3 up and running, however, the Plugins did not install,and reinstalling PS3 from my original disk didn't enable the Plugin's to install/activate. An error message keeps popping up, "legacy Serial Number is XXXXX" using the Serial number that allowed me to get PS3 up and running, but without Camera Raw and other Plugin's. I forgot about the earlier hassle I had with Adobe when I posed my questions that you answered correctly and promptly. I'm afraid that my only solution is to do a stand alone installation of PS4 ( but not an upgrade from PS3). I am very unhappy with Adobe's policy, "no upgrades for individual components of a CS Suite". You may not have been aware of that.
Thanks for the update. I am aware of that policy but you never mentioned that you owned the entire suite so I didn't answer accordingly to that. You had only stated you own PS CS3 and the upgrade path I stated would have worked. If you have a copy of PS that wasn't bought with the suite, you can use that serial number to validate your upgrade but if the full suite is installed, you will have to uninstall the suite first, install the old version of PS, then install the CS4 upgrade.

Hope this makes sense.

Best Regards,
Brandon M. and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you