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having trouble converting windows quicken to new mac quicken

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having trouble converting windows quicken to new mac quicken 2010



Before you can move PC Quicken to a Mac you have to prepare your files, Although you should be aware certain files will not be transfered and this Quicken article will explain it to you


If you wish to continue can you open Quicken on your PC then click on Tools and open your Account List then Click the Options button and choose View Hidden Accounts,

From there can you click the Manage Accounts tab and clear all of the hide in Quicken checkmarks.

Next can you look at your account list and make sure that there are no red flags showing next to any account that has a downloaded transaction which has not yet been accepted as you must accept these transactions before you transfer your data.


After all the flags are cleared can you then click File then Choose Export then QIF file and Choose All Accounts and then click Security Lists and Save this file with the name Security List.qif. and repeat the same step for your Accounts, Categories and Transactions.


Once you have all the transfer files exported can you then move the files to the desktop of your Mac

After the files are transfered can you then create a new file under the File menu on your Macintosh. Quicken will default to saving this file in your Documents folder and Cancel the New Account Assistant window that appears, Then can you click file then Import then From QIF and import the four QIF files in the same order you saved them.


After the files are imported can you then run through the file you just created and review all your transactions and check the file for accuracy to make sure your data transferred cleanly.


If you have any isses can you refer to this Quicken article and let me know if you have any issues or need any clarification.





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