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I am running Photoshop Elements 8, upgrading from 4, using

Customer Question

I am running Photoshop Elements 8, upgrading from 4, using Parallels Desktop 4. In Photoshop 4, the catalog has no problems linking to the ghost drive set up by parallels. However, when that catalog is converted to 8, it says that the volume isn't online. Yet, when I try to reconnect files, it says there are no files to reconnect. But as it stands, I can't edit anything, because it says the volume the photo is on is offline. Can you help?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
Is Parallels setup with a Boot Camp partition or is it a Parallels disk image. Not sure what you mean by ghost volume, is that a shared volume or folder on the Mac partition or what?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi, Thanks for the response. It is not through boot camp. Sorry that I am not explaining it right. When Parallels is open and I am in windows, the mac hard drive shows up as Drive X as a network drive. That is where all the pictures are, drive X (I think that is the shared volume). In Photoshop 4.0, it is connected to Drive X, but 8.0 keeps saying that isn't connected to that.
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
Go to the Apple logo on the upper left of the screen and tell me the System Version, the Processor and the Memory.

Also what version of Parallels are you using?
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
Sorry I see that was version 4 of Parallels but I still need you System Version. Do you still need help?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi, I do still need help. I am running Mac OSX version 10.5.8, a 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a 2GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM hard drive. I am running Parallels 4.0. I was using Photoshop elements 4.0, which was connecting to that parallels disk image. Then, when I convert the library into Photoshop elements 8.0, all the thumbnails appear, but it says when I try to edit a picture that the volume is offline, but it won't let me manually reconnect it. If I don't try to edit the picture, and just go to file/recconect/missing file it says there is no missing file to reconnect.

Does that help?
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
I was wondering is there some reason you using the PC version instead of the Mac version? Moot point I guess. Do you have all the latest updates for Parallels?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
That is a good question. The Mac version of Photoshop elements 8 does not have the organization piece to it. I have all my pictures tagged and categorized, the mac version does not allow for that. I would use iPhoto except you have to do the categorization based on how the pictures are filed. With photoshop I can save them anywhere anyway and then in the software I can organize the. I think the editing is the same but the organization feature of PC is what I want/need.

I THINK I have all the updates on parallels. I mean I download them as I get them.

The weird thing is this: in photoshop8, I can FIND the parallels image...the picture just doesn't connect into it.

I could try to restart the thing rather than running a converted library but I haven't wanted to do that since I have over 12,000 pictures and retagging and indexing would be a massive image. I just can't figure out how to make photoshop 8 link to the photo. Particularly when 4 does.
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
I think it is probably not a good idea to use the PC version and have the data on the Mac partition. I have to admit that I am not that familiar with PS E so if you know how you can export the library and then copy it to the PC partition that would be my suggestion. I will opt out and see if any one else can help you. Sorry. Good luck.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
So will my question be in the pool yet? Or do I need to repost?
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
No if someone else can help you they will.
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
Sorry I do have an idea. Can you uninstall 8 and go back to 4 and then export the whole thing to the PC partition before you upgrade?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm sorry for being dense, but I am not sure what that means. Let me explain.

When running parallels, if I go to My Documents, it doesn't go to a C: drive, it goes to a ://psf location. So I am not even sure where or what the PC partition would be.

Let me throw another wrench at you. So...I opened a test catalog in PE8 and imported pictures into it from right where they are. It imported them with no issues, and its shows the thumbnails...however, when I try to edit the picture a window comes up taht says "one or more selected items are located on removable volumes. Please attach the listed volumes to continue." Then it lists the volume: //.psf/Home and it lists the status as Offline. Then I can select reconnect. When I do, a typical windows screen comes up asking me to locate the picture. I find it, and select reconnect. A window then pops up and says "\\.psf\home\pictures\pictures\family\2010\dcs03591.jpg was not connected to z:\pictures\pictures\family\2010/dcs03591.jpg. I am not a computer guy but why is the slash before the jog file different between the two messages?

I also realize that the path between the two files is different based on teh above. however, when I imported the pictures, I imported them from that Z drive. So it can import the pictures from that drive, and it can show the thumbnail. But when I want to edit the picture, it says that the volume is offline, and when I try to reconnect it gives me the message above.

I know that was more than you asked for but I didn't know if that helped or not. And then, as I said< i wouldn't even know where the PC partition is
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
Why don't you try doing a search for dcs03591.jpg on both the Windows and Mac and maybe you can see where they really are.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I did that. It finds the folder on the Z drive which is the drive I mentioned above.

I don't understand enough about parallels or any of that. I was a PC user and switched to mac but loved the adobe picture software. But I am really struggling with this upgrade.

Its just strange. THe software can find the picture well enough to import it AND provide a thumbnail, but it then freaks out when I try to edit it.
Expert:  Mike replied 7 years ago.
Go to My Computer and in the list what category is the Z drive in, Hard Drives, network location, removable?

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