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I set up a work email account on my boss iphone. Now he is

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I set up a work email account on my boss' iphone. Now he is getting over 17,000 emails (yes 17,000). It appears they are from the last several months. How do I get it to start the emails from the date of set up?

It looks like your email server has been keeping all of these emails stored and when you created a new receiving client (the iPhone) it basically sent everything over. From now on it should only get the latest emails, so you can just go ahead and delete the 17,000 or mark them as read. However, if you want to delete them from the server, you can do that as well but details will depend on where you get your emails from?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
How do I delete the emails all at once? The phone doesn't have "delete all" button that I can find. I have to check each one on my iphone. That could take a lot of time.
Hi there! Which email service do you currently use? Depending on the service there may be easier ways to delete them all.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Comcast is the provider.
In that case, you can contact comcast or login in to your account on their website and you should be able to request to have all messages on the server deleted so that you can start fresh.
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