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When I import images into Keynote, and then try to enlarge

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When I import images into Keynote, and then try to enlarge them, they often get distorted (width versus height)----is there a function that allows images to be enlarged purely, i.e. without any distortion?
The problem is that the original resolution of the image cannot be indefinetly scaled up to a larger size. You need to start with an image source that is a higher resolution. For instance, let's say I want a picture of a Macbook Pro for my document or presentation. I go to google images and find these:


Notice how under each image there is a resolution like 470x320, 500x436 etc. These are the actual number of pixels that the picture has. So, if I'm printing 300 dpi on a document, then an image of 470x320 will print well with a size of about 1.3x1 inch. However, if I want to enlarge it, I need more pixels. The computer simply can't fill in pixel data that isn't there. Photoshop can do some image interpolation, but the images get more blurry and more grainy the more you enlarge them. Try to find photos that are at least 800x600 for use in Keynotes and you'll be fine.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I understand. However, Powerpoint (for example) allows the user to "grab" an image on a Powerpoint slide and "drag" the image to a larger size. In Powerpoint, when this is done, the image does not distort easily. In Keynote, the width/height dimension distorts easily when "dragging" the image to a larger size on the slide.
Does that make sense?
Oh, are you saying the image gets stretched? If you hold the shift key while resizing the image, the proportions will be maintained.
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