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Brand new airport extreme will not connect with my dsl modem.

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Brand new airport extreme will not connect with my dsl modem. I know the modem is connected because when connecting the ethernet cable to any other device they all get an internet connection. When I connect the same ethernet cable to the airport extreme the light flashes yellow (First green then solid yellow for 30 seconds then flashing yellow). On the dsl model the ethernet light does not go on... meaning it is not connected. What am I doing wrong?
Did you run the Airport Utility and configure the device?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
my device is not receiving any connection. this is the first step in the process. What is airport utility and configure it to what. it isn't working with my modem
There is a program on your Mac called "Airport Utility". You use it to configure the new Airport express. It won't try to talk to your DSL modem until you have configured it. On your computer, right now, open spotlight by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top right of the screen. Type "airport utility" without the quotes and press enter. Tell it to scan for airports, and it will find yours and walk you through a very easy configuration.
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