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Hi! On a MAC computer. I am trying to change an email based

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Hi! On a MAC computer. I am trying to change an email based on the fact that the person is looking for input. It is not an attachment. When I try to save it to look at it it just saves as my gmail and I cannot work on it. I have another question also. Thank you!
I'm unclear as to what your issue is. What program do you use for e-mail? When you say you try to "save it to look at it", where are you trying to save it? Why is saving it to look at it better than just looking at it in your mail program? Are you using web-based access for gmail?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Sorry, was tired and frustrated last night. I am using g mail, and a friend sent me an email that I was trying to save elsewhere so I could edit it for her, and you cannot do that, can you? It has to be an attachment, correct? I have another question when you are done. Thank you!!!

Downloading attachments in gmail is rather easy. Any e-mail message with an attachment will show the attachments like this:

If you click "Download" it will download the document into your downloads folder, or your desktop, depending on what version of Mac OS X you are running. Then you can open the document on your computer and save the changes. In order to send the revised file to your contact, you need to reply to the original message, or create a new message, and attach the updated version of the file. Where are you getting stuck?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I get that, thank you, XXXXX XXXXX is not an attachment. It is in the body of the email, and she wants me to edit that, does that make sense?
The body of the e-mail is limited to HTML or text information. I'm unclear as to what it is she wants you to edit, is this an e-mail you are planning on sending out to multiple people? Can't you just hit reply, make your edits, and send it back to her? Editing documents in this fashion is not a very good idea and is going to leave you with broken formatting from all the junk e-mail systems provide when replying to messages. I'd suggest that you have her attach some kind of document to the file for you to work on, or use Google Docs to collaborate on this document.
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