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Category: Mac
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My mac user friends are having trouble viewing my website in

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My mac user friends are having trouble viewing my website in proper formatted version. It is Any suggestions?
Hi ,
I would like to assist you with this .

Yes in safari your image is not positioned correctly , it's not a text displacement making this happen by the look of it .

You need to either , place your image within the text layer so it wraps the text , or use more layers to arrange your text and images .

You can test this happens when you increase the text size displayed in the browser.
Use keyboard short cut CTR +- possible depending on browser etc .

Remember not also users have default fonts , and sizing while browsing ,
allow for this especially using images and text together.

Grow and shrink your web page text in a full preview to test for a happy medium.

In Firefox for Mac the problem is the same , although the graphic is placed a little different than in safari .

You can install Safari for Windows , for free to see if this is an issue on the Windows version of Safari at least . If the issue is there , now you have a way to bug test your site for mac users to some degree .

Thanks .

Edited by iteachmac on 2/2/2010 at 12:28 AM EST
iteachmac and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Well, I downloaded both firefox and safari and my site looks great on each from my pc. So it looks like many mac users will not be able to see my site. Since I am an artist, this is a drag! I used a standard typeface and common type sizes. Should I have a professional web designer who is a mac user take a look? Fixing this problem with no way to test changes can't be a good use of my time. Should I try to contact Yahoo Sitebuilder about this issue? other suggestions?


thanks for your help!

Hi , if you make some changes now , i can bug test for you .

Yes id would contact yahoo , and explain that your unhappy with the product any why.

Many Website tools and generators , use old HTML codes or procedures that are not standard to the web , just because a page displays on I.E doesn't mean its the standard.

Apples safari is the most compatible browser in the world with 100% compatibility with HTML standards , I.E only has about 60% compatibility using outdated standards and Closed in house Microsoft design , and that where these problems start . Microsoft are constantly braking software and standards since 1984 , they create systems that maybe well supported to being with cross platform , and then brake them some where down the line or drop support for anything other than windows environments , BAD BAD BILL !!

Anyway lets try to fix this issue . Laughing

I would start with the home page , try to place or paste the photo image of the lady , within the text layer or as a make shift , anywhere to the left of the text .

The site is looking ok so far BTW:) the main problem i see is with the home page , one single image of the lady , is on top of the text just above the words
"Cortona, Italy -- Fall, 2008 ."

This problem may also be down to using the return or <br> <p> bridge returns to space the "Cortona, Italy -- Fall, 2008" text away from the last text saying " the School of the Art"

Please remove the spacing used by inserting bridge returns , and use a new layer to place the text below the image .

Do you under stand this ?

Let me know once you have made changes to the design or layers and return spacing .

never space text apart from single lines or doulbe lines , <br> etc <p>
I.e dont use the return , or endter key to move text down the page lower or to make a gap . Im pretty sure this is your problem with the HTML or site design .


Edited by iteachmac on 2/2/2010 at 1:15 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Hi again,

Thanks. XXXXX cut an pasted the photo into the textblock. Saved and published it. Take a look. Also, what do you mean that the site is looking okay BTW. Is the only problem on the home page?. . . I might just have to out and buy a MAC!!


Also, just found a blog that addresses this problem and it seems that Yahoo Sitebuilder does not work too well with MACS. One guys give directions of how to capture your site via the FTP file and swith it over to dreamweaver. . .which I might be ready for at this point.



Hi , i updated the last post ,please read it again .

Its better now , but still the spacing problem exists .

Some text is covered by the image.

From my last post .

"never space text "apart from single lines or double lines" , <br> etc <p>

I.e don't use the return , or enter key to move text down the page lower or to make a gap . Im pretty sure this is your problem with the HTML or site design .

The bridge returns are not sized correctly , i.e there is not text on a line with just a bridge return , use a new layer to place the lower text portion "Cortona, Italy -- Fall, 2008" if a gap is needed for images , we may need to make corrections like this further up the page with this in mind .

oh yeah , BTW , "by the way" , it looks ok .

Thanks .
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



I have just removed the photo image and the Cortona Text. I re-worked the spacing of the Biography portion. Let me know if this looks okay now and I will deal with the rest later.


Thanks so much for your help!!

Hi ,
yes the image is gone , and the text ends with "university, and the School of the Art
Institute of Chicago" .

Thanks , i cant see any major problems in any of the galleries ..

The page , may need some work to make it look right , but i cant bug test that without knowing what it should be formatted like.

The page , is scrolling down way past the images, there it nothing in this area.

the top part of the page is OK , the wording "All rights reserved."

Is about 4 pages down , using the scroll wheel .


The border around the photos on this page , is not in line or center , it is not a major problem , although this is an art site web page . detail is everything .

Buying a Mac ?? , an intelligent idea.
And the best time in history to get one , you can run both windows and OSX on the same machine at the same time , a new i7 imac will do just about anything you can throw at it :- No joke , though avoid apple mice , use any PC USB mouse , i dont get on with apple mice.

Please see my iweb designed webpage at
All music and sound design , and artwork made on a Mac BTW.

iweb is parts of the ilife suit , and is free with new macs .


Also one way to get text and images right on a web page is make the text an image , or make the image joined to the text , use Photoshop ect to make text and images , JPG files , i.e the picture itself contains text as well as an image.

I hope this helps .

Thanks :)

Edited by iteachmac on 2/2/2010 at 2:42 AM EST
iteachmac and other Mac Specialists are ready to help you