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When I try to open anything in Photoshop my AppleMac X tells

Customer Question

When I try to open anything in Photoshop my AppleMac X tells me that:
Sorry, a serious error has been detected
To continue using Adobe Photoshop, please reinstall the application.

I have put the disk into the Mac but it does not appear on my desktop, so, I cannot reinstall this application. Also, of course, I cannot eject the disk either.

When I save an illustration in TIFF it will not allow me to work on it when I reopen it. I have to convert back to Photoshop, do the work, and then resave in TIFF.

Can you help me, please.

I have a deadline to meet and I am panicking!!

Thank you,

Ray Hutchins
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Travis replied 7 years ago.
What kind of mac is it?

To eject the disk, make sure you press the mouse button and hold it down before you press power. Then hold the mouse button down until the disk ejects or the mac fully starts up.

What have you done to resolve the issue so far besides trying to reinstall photoshop?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Mac OS X version 10.6.2

I have ejected the Photoshop disk.

I have tried to get Photoshop working by Shutting down and restarting but to no avail. When I try to open a psd item I am told that there is a serious error and that I should reinstall Photoshop, which I cannot do because the disk does not show up on my desktop.

I am having to leave the office now so will you reply tomorrow, please.
Expert:  Travis replied 7 years ago.
Which version of Photoshop is it?

Is this a new issue? Were you using Photoshop successfully and all of a sudden this occurred or has this been happening for quite some time?

Do you know of an event that may have caused the issue (software update, new Mac OS X, memory install, etc)?

I'm on here everyday. Just post a reply and I'll follow up as soon as possible until we get this resolved. I'm only in as much of a hurry as you are. :)
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have already paid $16 for you to help me. I keep getting e-mails from somebody called Daniel asking how much I would like to pay you.
For goodness sake answer my question or return my money.

I will repeat the question: When I try to open a pdf it does not open and my computer tells me that "Sorry, a serious error has been detected. To continue using Adobe Photoshop, please reinstall the application"

When I insert the Photoshop installation disk it does not appear on my desktop, so I cannot open Photoshop.
You have sent me no less than 8 e-mails and I have sent one to you with no answer.

What sort of outfit are you?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
You do not seem capable of answering my problem so please return my $16.

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