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I tried to open my itunes the other day and and up popped a

Customer Question

I tried to open my itunes the other day and and up popped a window that stated my itunes was an old version and could not be opened or words to that effect. Unable to find any software update I downloaded the latest itunes. Now I am unable to open my old itunes library to install into the new library or download out of my ipod or sync my ipod with the new itunes without erasing the content of my ipod, any ideas? many thanks


Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  loadedmind replied 7 years ago.
Hi Dave,

What errors do you receive if you try to "Add to iTunes" from your newer version of iTunes? If you manually browse to the iTunes music location using Finder, do you see your music? Typically, this can be found in /Users/<username>/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music.

You may also try this link that describes resetting your iPod:

Please let me know if this helped or whether I can be of further assistance.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

thanks for your reply.
I have not explained clearly enough my problem.
ipod works OK
itunes would not open,pop up window said that it is an old itunes and could not open it.
Have updated to 10.4.11???
Down loaded itunes 9
Now when I try to down load some pod casts to the ipod a pop up window states my (ipod is not synced to itunes 9 do I wish to sync to itunes 9) if I do it will erase the contents of my ipod an download the contents of itunes 9!!!
When I go as per your instructions to /Users//Music/iTunes/iTunes Music .I can find previous itunes library but when I click on it it just flashes.
Went to (reset ipod) and found XPort V4.87, should I buy this and upload the contents of my ipod into itunes 9 or preferably can you tell me how I can open my old itunes library an get the contents into itunes 9,
many thank

kind regards


PS I will be away for the next 7 days
Expert:  loadedmind replied 7 years ago.
Hi there Dave,

Thanks for the clarification regarding your problem. To quote you, "but when I click on it it just flashes" - can you please clarify what exactly it is you're clicking on?
Please try to open the iTunes Music folder, then add one directory as a test. See if the newer iTunes 9 allows you to add this to your library.

Before you purchase XPort, I would highly recommend you get some clarification on expectations you have about what the software will actually do for you. I found the following link to submit an online form to the programmer:

This will accomplish two things for you:
1) You will see what kind of response time/support experience you can expect to get
2) You will be able to determine if the software will fit your needs
3) You can ask him directly if what you're trying to accomplish is what the software will be able to do

Please try my first suggestion before purchasing the software just to see if you can avoid paying money for something that, technically, should work without any further needed software.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
G'day John

I found the iTunes music folder as per your suggestion ( via spotlight, I don't know what library I was trying to open previously ) and transfered the contents into iTunes 9. Some tracks appear to be missing?? Could not find my podcasts? which is a bit of a shame as I had a couple I would have loved to keep, but you get that!! When I am feeling brave I will hit the transfer and erase button and load it onto my ipod,anyway I,ll let you go,many thanks

Kind regards

Expert:  loadedmind replied 7 years ago.
Hi Dave,

Thanks for the additional info. For those tracks that aren't showing up, it's possible you purchased these through the iTunes store and they are somehow "bound" to the older version of iTunes for whatever reason. I don't want to speculate how or why that might be because details aren't clear as to how you acquired them. My advice on that specific issue is to contact iTunes support and see if they can somehow de-authorize from the older version of iTunes and re-authorize with the newer one.

As far as the podcast situation, I believe what's going on here is that when you add podcasts, iTunes thinks these are subscriptions and you'll need to find these podcasts in the newer version of iTunes to re-subscribe. You can go into the iTunes store and see if the individual episodes are still available for download. If not, then go the website and see if they have an archive of their podcasts. Or - close the list of episodes for the podcast (click on the little triangle left of the title) then hold "Shift" while opening it up again - you should see all available episodes with "Get" buttons. You can also unsubscribe and resubscribe if they have all the episodes listed in their feed.

Dave, it might make sense to try and somehow make note of what all is currently on your iPod before you do so, just in the event that iTunes 9 (newer version) might not do what you expected it to. I've had this similar problem with my iPhone and restoring old data unintentionally erasing my files on the iPhone - pain! 8^) Anyway, if I've helped, click Accept so I get credit if you're able to.

Thanks and regards,