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Brandon M.
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Is there a way to select 3-4 lines of an itunes song - in other

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Is there a way to select 3-4 lines of an itunes song - in other words just a portion of the song and copy it into an email so the receiver can hear just the small portion?
Hi there,

Thanks for using, my name is Brandon! Please click the "Accept" button only if you feel I should get paid for my answer(s). If you feel I have done a good job and wish to give me a Bonus, that is much appreciated! :)

So I understand correctly, you wish to trim the song down to a small portion and send that via email, correct? If so, iTunes doesn't not do this but what you can do is use a third party program such as Audacity ( to edit songs. Follow this tutorial to get started with Audacity:

Let me know if this works for you.

Best Regards,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Brandon, I've made some progress but now I'm lost. Understand I'm not the "brain" you are. So seeing wavelengths and numbers and all the other stuff can be overwelming for someone (myself) who just wants to say "give me from seconds "50" through minutes 2:50 in a file. Period. I actually got the 'piece' of the audio I wanted amd it allowed me to name it - but virtually every menu button/option is grayed out. I'm stuck. I can't Export it - which I'm not sure is what I should do anyway. I'm just getting frustrated.
Audio editing isn't easy at first... Just takes some getting used to. Did you follow the tutorial I pasted to you? It makes trimming audio files extremely easy. You do want to export (or export selection if you haven't trimmed it) but you need an audio file open first to get those options. Make sure the audio file window is selected.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Can you state that in a manner that says Tab "X", Menu Item ABC? I have no idea where I'm pulling an open audio file 'from'? Sorry.
Perhaps Audacity might be a little too much for you and its not very easy to explain. You can do it in iTunes if you wanted. You already know how to do the start and stop times in Get Info, correct? Onces those are set, right-click (or hold down control and click) the song and choose Convert Selection to MP3 (may say AAC or something else). Once it's done, right-click the new song and choose Show In Finder. You can then attach that song to the email you wish to send.

Sorry for the run-around.

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