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I scan documents for emailing. Scanner allows me to save as

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I scan documents for emailing. Scanner allows me to save as PDF, which I then convert to TIFF in 'Preview' and save as TIFF,200 dpi. The problem is that when I email them to my company's Mc Leod Imaging program, 'Document Power Enterprise' they are in grayscale and too large. My company says the requirements are: TIFF group 4, 200 dpi and B&W. How can I convert so these become the much smaller B&W files?
TIFF files are, by nature, uncompressed and very large. I just tried doing what you describe with a single page PDF document and it saved as a 3MB file. Straight black at white files are often called "bitmaps" which is grayscale with a 1 bit color depth, meaning the color can only be true or false, black or white. Preview will not give you many options for doing file conversions so you'll need to use Photoshop, or a similar image editing program. I used Adobe Photoshop and did the following procedure:

1. Open the PDF in photoshop and choose the page you want to work with (you have to do 1 page at a time).
2. Click Image>Mode>Bitmap in the menu at the top of the screen
3. Choose "Save As" and save the file as a tiff

You might want to check with your companies IT department to get the proper procedure for getting documents into this application. Your company should provide you with the proper tools for making these conversions.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
No, my companies IT dept. won't help because they don't use Macs. This is a new procedure for them too.
I guess I will try Photoshop. thanks.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Photoshop is too expensive to use for this.
Photoshop Elements should do it as well. There's a free trial available on Adobe's website here:
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