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What are the steps in transfering files from a Mac iBook OS

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What are the steps in transfering files from a Mac iBook OS X 10.4 to a flash drive so as to transfer those files to a Windows computer?

How big is your flash drive? Please also check the size of your home director by clicking on Finder and going to /Macintosh HD/Users. Click on your username's home folder and hit command-i (or choose "Get Info" from the file menu). Tell me how large your home directory is.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Flash Drive is 8GB. Files to be transfered are less than 3GB. Macintosh HD capacity if 56GB of which 35GB are available.
Its a fairly simple matter of dragging the files onto the flash drive. If you look at your current home folder, its sorted into Music, Documents, Pictures, etc. Windows containts similar folders for sorting information.

1. Plug the USB drive into your Mac. It will pop up on the desktop, and it will pop up as a device on the left side of all "Finder" windows
2. Open a finder window and click on your name on the left side, this will take you to your home folder.
3. Assuming whole folders will fit, drag the folders names "Documents", "Pictures" etc and drop them on the flash drive on the left side of the finder window
4. When finished copying files, hit the little eject button next to the flash drive in the finder window
5. Connect USB drive to your windows machine
6. Open My Computer, then double-click on the USB drive
7. There should be a folder on your desktop which is your user documents folder. Open this folder. Inside there are folders for Pictures, Movies, Music, etc. Drag the files from the flash drive window into the proper folders on your windows machine.
8. You should now have all your files on your new machine.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Have followed your instructions and have come up with differences as follows:

1. USB device icon shows up on right hand side of desktop

2. When I click on finder I do not find my name. Rather a list of options such as About Finder, Preferences, Empty Trash, Secure Trash, Service (a long menu of things) and then all in faint lettering Hide Finder, Hide Others, Show All.

I tyhen went to the Macintosh HD icon and clicked on that that showed me a list of Folders on the left side of the screen such as Documents. Pictures, Music, etc.


Can I simply drag each of them to the USB device and if so, when will I know the transfer has been completed? Also, by dragging the folders to the USB device will their content remain on my Mac?

The "Finder" I'm talking about is the finder icon in the Dock, it looks like this:


Yes, you just need to drag the files you need to the USB device. I normally try to keep things organized the same way when I transfer them to a new machine. While it is copying it will bring up a window that tells you how many files are left to copy. When it is done, that window will go away.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
But the files will still remain on my Mac? Yes?
Yes, they'll be in both locations unless you throw them in the trash on your Mac.
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