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Hi There, I am a iMac convert in progress and I am tinkering

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Hi There,
I am a iMac convert "in progress" and I am tinkering around trying to insert a different type of graphic for the dock. The instructions call for opening a Terminal, specifically "open terminal" and then enter some information...
What is "terminal" and how do I go about getting to it?
Thanks in Advance,
An Ole PC'er
Terminal is an application for entering functions at the command line level. It's similar to the Command Prompt in Windows. To get to Terminal, navigate to your Applications folder in a new Finder window, and open the Utilities folder. In there you'll find the Terminal application. I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do, or what the command is, but if it says to enter it in Terminal, that's what it's referring to.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

OK, I'm back on a PC so I can at least try to convey "thanks" for the answer as it worked.

BTW- this "Just Answer" system is pretty cool... I see that I have a account balance in paypal, and I am trying to make sure you have been paid...


Additionally, for what it is worth, the survey at the end... It's hard for me to answer, as of all of my associates, I'm the only one so far to jump off the deep end and get a Mac. So, by not being able to answer with a "potential referral" I couldn't complete the survey...


Too bad you guys don't offer some type of a 10-pk q&a session set for newbies like the $99 deal offered at the Apple store. It's a long drive and it would be nice just to drop a question in the "system" so "my expert" could pick it up at a later time...


Anyway, thanks for your help. Good Job.

Use this if you will to support a 100% positive feedback, as I don't see my self going back to complete the survey since it would not let me submit it without an email address and the top 3 sites I visit...


Best Regards,

Tom Guise

Glad it worked well for you Tom. You can always request me in the future through our system in you need any additional help. Always a pleasure to assist someone so eager to learn and appreciative. I was a trainer in the One to One program with Apple for awhile, and always highly recommend it. Glad you made the switch, and hope you enjoy your journey to Mac!