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I have a MacBook 10.5.8. I never had trouble with my Nano 2nd

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I have a MacBook 10.5.8. I never had trouble with my Nano 2nd gen. and itunes until I downloaded iTunes 9.0.2. Now I can't find the summary page with my nano listed and it doesn't show in the source column. I can't transfer itune purchases. Under each song purchased on the receipt is a "report a problem" message. I have paid for them but can't get them into my Nano. I have tried reset, retry, restart. I have unistalled and reinstalled itunes. I now have itunes 9 installed. I can't get to the restore tab. I need help please!

You tried everything I can think of. But, did you reset the Nano as well? You don't say if that is what you reset or if it was the Mac you did it on.

Also, are you using a USB directly on the Mac and NOT in a USB hub?

Let me know,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your help. I did reset the Nano and I am not using a USB hub - I'm connected directly to the computer. I hope you have another idea - this is driving me crazy. Cathy
Me too.

It sounds like it is dying, but let's hope not.

For resetting the Nano, did you follow the Apple instructions for resetting?

If that does not work, then I would suggest a visit to an Apple Genius and see if they reproduce the problem.

If they do, it needs replacing.

If they cannot, then we need to examine the Mac and the iTunes install.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm not ready to give up on it. I did follow the Apple instructions for resetting the Nano. Let's try this - when I connect my Nano to iTunes it opens up to the music library and the Nano doesn't appear in the source column. The Nano does say "do not disconnect" so I know my computer recognizes the Nano. Can you tell me how to get to the Summary page which used to be the page that iTunes opened to. Do you have any ideas on why the Nano doesn't register in the source column? And - do you have any ideas on how I can restore the Nano if it doesn't show in the source column and I can't get the Summary page to appear? Cathy

There is nothing, I mean nothing you can do if it does not show in the iTunes source list.

It has to be there. So, without it there is no Summary page.

I do think it is either going to fail completely, or the cable or dock connector are bad and the signals are not getting through.

Try removing the cable and plugging back in to phone. Check the pins on the connector to make sure they are not damaged or there is no dirt in there.

Make sure the cable is seated firmly in the iPod and also the USB port. Make sure you are using a USB port on the Mac and not in a Hub or Keyboard or anything other than a built-in USB port.

Other than that, it is most likely damaged somehow and will need to be replaced (they are not repaired by Apple).

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ok, you're coming through loud and clear. I checked all the cables and done everything you suggested. Maybe the Nano is dying as you suggested but it just seems funny that I had absolutely no problems with anything until I upgraded to the most recent iTunes. It was at that time that I started having trouble getting iTunes to recognize the Nano and trouble transferring music purchased from the iTunes store to the Nano. If you don't have any more thoughts on this problem, I will accept it and move on. Thanks for your help. Cathy

Sorry, but I just think it is a coincidence.

The Mac seems to recognize the Nano because iTunes opens, but that's as far as it gets.

That usually means the hard drive or directory of the unit is damaged. You can't really fix that since it does not show up anywhere.

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