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hi, we have been trying to put out itunes on our iomega drive

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we have been trying to put out itunes on our iomega drive and have been having difficulty. some of the verbage used in the suppport and downloads info we got do not match what is shown on our computer screen.
we think we have done it but when we go to select all in the original itunes library and press delete, it does not ask "keep files" it just says are you sure you want to delete. is there someone we can talk to on the phone that i can pay for? or can you help me step by step online?
thanks for the help,
gabrielle in alaska

You may be talking about the support document mentioning "Consolidate Library", but iTunes not having that option. Instead, you'll want to "Organize Library". They're the same thing, but like you said, the verbage just changed. If you're sure the files are on the external drive, then you don't want to delete the files from the iTunes applications. You'll want to delete the iTunes music folder in your My Music->iTunes folder.

The easiest way to confirm you've moved the files correctly is to right click on a song in iTunes, and select "Show Original File". If it shows you the file on the external drive, you've done it right. Hope this helps, let me know if you need additional assistance.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi jesse,
thanks for the answer, sorry it took a while to get back to you. i waited a day for a reply and then called a local mac store. someone talked me through it a bit but i think i may have messed up. here is what i did. i went into applications and deleted my music file, but when i go into itunes on my lower menu bar there is no music or playlists. should there be?
1.deleting the music file also deleted all the playlists and music on my computer.
2. when i open itunes in my menu bar there is no music there!
3. when i go into iomega and right click it does show the file as being in omega.
2. how do you organize the music once on the iomega as when i pull up itunes it lists all the music in artist folders and i cant figure out how to manage it the way it used to be originally!!
what have i done!
thanks for the help.
At this point Gabrielle, without having the computer in front of me, my recommendation would be to start over with your iTunes library. It's doubtful you'll get your playlists and settings back. The good news is you've still got your music. I would make sure that iTunes, the application, is in your application folder. Then drag your iTunes folder from your User's Music folder to the trash.

Now drag your music folder from the external drive onto the iTunes icon. This should prompt you to go through the iTunes setup steps, and import your music fresh. Once you're sure it's imported, and the songs play properly, delete the music folder from the external drive.

That should get you back to square one. Again, you've lost your playlists, but you've got your music, and you can get a fresh start. Now follow the instructions in this support document from Apple:

Like I said above, where it says "Consolidate Library", select "Organize Library" instead. Hope that helps, let me know if you have other questions.

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