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I have a G4 1.25ghz Mac Mini with a 40gb hard disc running

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I have a G4 1.25ghz Mac Mini with a 40gb hard disc running on OS 10.3.9 Panther. I am getting disc full messages advising me to delete files to free up space. I have a second hard disc a Lacie 40 gb (which I use for back ups) with nearly 20gb available and from which I could easily delete 10gb. I suspect my problem is caused by the fact that I now have more than 5000 photos in my Iphoto files and that I also have nearly 12000 messages saved in my e-mail inboxes.

My question is can I save my e-mail messages onto the Lacie drive and clear them from my Macintosh HD and still have access to them and the same with my Iphoto library and albums (and application?) and if so how do I do this?
Happy New year, my name is Dan.
You need to move files off the internal drive as soon as you can.
It will not be long before it will run out of room and lock up.
OS X requires about 1 GB to run correctly.
I do suggest freeing a few GB up and getting a larger external drive to keep the iPhoto library on.
Why would you keep that many emails? Not my business but it seems unusual. I do suggest moving those also.
I do not know how long you have been getting that message but act as soon as possible, I have seen disaster by ignoring it or putting it off.
After moving the iPhoto library then the first time you open iPhoto hold the 'Option' key when you click the dock icon. This will open a window that gives you choices to choose the library.
The email will still be available, save them to a folder on the external that you create, call it saved email, or whatever you like.
Save a few and check to make sure and then delete as you save, this will free up space as you go. Empty the trash often, in fact I suggest doing that now.
Do that and let me know.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for your reply. Apologies for the dealy in getting back to you but I am in France and our time zones are not really in sync and it is the first week end of the New year.

Your advice sounds good but I'm afraid you overestimate me. My problem is where do I find the Iphoto library, that is where is it t be found and can I then simply drag and drop it onto the Lacie hard disc or what?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Further to my earlier e-mail I found the IPhoto library in Pictures and have copied to the seconf hard disc as you suggested and then deleted it from theMac Hard disc. This seems to have solved the problem for the moment. There is now nearly 10 gb available on the hard disc, IPhoto seems to be working fine. Thanks for your help and happy New year to you.
You can drag and drop the library.
Do this, with Finder in the menu bar next to the Apple click on File and select New Finder Window.
In the search box type iPhoto Library. If it is findable it will appear in the list.
From there drag it to the external.
It should be in the Pictures folder in that same finder window that you now have open.
After copying it drag it to the trash, make sure that the one on the external is healthy and whole before you empty the trash and open iPhoto while holding the 'Option' key down, it will ask if
This will immediately free up considerable space.
Now when you open iPhoto hold down the 'Option' key and choose a library to open. You will have yo have the external plugged in so you can find where you moved it.
Do this before emptying the trash so you know it is intact.
Sounds a lot like I was telling you above.