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i am no longer able to import jpeg files into iphoto. before

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i am no longer able to import jpeg files into iphoto. before the problem arose i was able to import 10900 photos successfully. the problem only exists under my profile. i can still import on my computer using another profile. the error message is unrecognised file type or may not contain valid data.
Can you please help.
Hello, and thank you for asking your question,
I am Sr. Mac Tech Support Specialist, Terry, glad to assist you.

Could you provide me with the following information, so I can better assist you with your technical question:
• What version of Mac OS X are you using on your Mac?
(i.e. "Mac OS X 10.5.6 or Mac OS X 10.4.11, etc" -)
( If not sure how to check version of Mac OSX system- Click on Apple icon (Apple Menu) on upper left corner of screen- from the menu select "About this Mac" - you will see your version in the popup window)

• What version of iPhoto are you using?

• If you take one of those jpg files, right click on it and select Get Info, under Name and Extension in the Get Info window, what is the extension of the file ?

Your answers to the questions I have submitted, will allow me to work with more detailed information, in order to effectively answer your question.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX be looking forward to your reply. Thank you!


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Terry, Thanks for your reply.
My operating system is Mac OS X 10.5.8
iPhoto 08 7.1.5 ( 378 )
File extension is .JPG
Hope this helps
Regards June
Thanks for your reply June.

If possible and if you don't mind, I would like to see if you can upload one or two those files, to a technical share folder I have made just for customers like yourself, so I can use my tools to examine them. This will allow me to better determing what may be the issue with your user account not allowing them to import into iPhoto 08'.

MacTech Share

Please let me know (if you are ok with doing this little process for me) when you have uploaded those few affected jpgs to share folder and I will be glad to work on getting an answer to your question regarding this issue.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX your reply.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I hope this is OK.I have plenty more affected photos ( or files ) if you require them.
Thanks Terry.
Regards, June
Thanks for your update and for uploading the 3 sample pics from your collection for me to review.

I have checked all 3 photos and was able to easily import and remove the photos several times in iPhoto.

So what I suspect the issue may be June, is not so much with your photos as it is the iPhoto application on your Mac within your own user account.

So what I would recommend you try is this procedure:

• Close iPhoto, if it is still open.
• Then from your desktop,
•Click anywhere on a blank space on your desktop. Now you should see Finder listed near the Apple menu icon.

• From the Finder menu, click on Go, then Home from the
drop-down menu. This will take you to your Home folder.

• Locate and open the Library folder

• Within Library folder look for the Preferences folder and open it.

• Locate and remove to the Trash, this file:

Now click the back arrow on the same Finder window and go back to the Library,
and locate and select the Caches folder.
• Now remove it to the Trash.
• Next, close all windows.
• Click on the Apple menu icon located on the upper left side of your screen.
• Select Logout <username>
• Once you are at the main login window, simply select your user account and log back in.

When you are back in to your desktop environment, run this permissions repair first before attempting to relauch iPhoto.

font.f1 {font: 13.0px Myriad Pro}

Go to Finder Menu bar
• Click Go > Utilities > Disk Utility and open up Disk Utility app.
• Click on Macintosh HD volume (or on the name you have changed
this volume to.)
• Select "Repair Disk Permissions"
**Let Disk Utilities run this repair permissions until completion
- This is not often a necessary step, but in the many of the hands-on software and Mac OS X troubleshooting I have done on Macs, I almost always run it just because it does repair alot of the permissions on files which can sometimes affect how certain applications, files and folders work. It also improves your Mac's performance a bit too:)

Once Disk Utility is complete and there are no errors in red in the completion summary (if there are errors listed in red, re-run DU to see if those error will clear- if they don't reply back to this post right away and let me know what the exact error message is), quit Disk Utility.

• Relaunch iPhoto and then attempt to import no more than 10 photos for starters into your iPhoto application.

Let me know if this helps.

I will be watching for your reply once again.

Thanks for your patience!

font.f1 {font: 12.0px Helvetica}
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Terry, I have done exactly as suggested -even ran Repair disc permissions twice even though there were no red errors listed! I also did a restart at the end but still no joy-sorry about that. So what's next?
I await your reply.
Regards, June
Thanks for the update June.

So did you attempt to launch iPhoto after those procedures and try to import some more photos into iPhoto once again?
Just making sure I understand if you have tried to import those photos once again, back into iPhoto.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes I Did Terry
I appreciate you clarifying that for me June.

I need to go back in this process however, just a bit- can you provide me verbatim the error message you receive, when you do attempt to import your photos into iPhoto within your profile?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Unreadable files
The following files could not be imported( they may be an unrecognized file type or the files may not contain valid data)
For example: Users/Customer/pictures/Ben's Barossa valley photos/DSC00558 JPG etc.
I tried to do a preview grab and copy it but it wasn't successful I'm afraid!
regards June
Your details are great.

Here is something I would like you to try

Take one of the files and right click on it and select Get Info

Once you see the vertical window appear, will see Open with:
If the drop down menu does not show iPhoto, click on it and select Other


You will then see a small Finder window which will open up to your Applications folder. All you need to do is locate and select iPhoto.


Make sure after you select iPhoto, to select the Always Open With checkbox and then select the Add button.

You will then return back to the Get Info window.
The last step you need to do here June, is make sure to click the Change All button, and accept that all .jpg file that are opened from here on, will be opened with the iPhoto application.

Close the Get Info window.

• Finally, go ahead and attempt one more time Wink to import the affected photos into iPhoto.

I hope this works. You have been quite vigilant with this whole process so I am hoping this will be the procedure that helps with this import issue you've been having.

Keep me posted.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I did all that Terry and I am very sorry to say ( for your sake as much as anything! ) that still no luck. It is still coming up with the same error message! Regards, June

This is a workaround for you June, so I hope this will work for you.

iPhoto stores its pictures in a bundle, which is a folder that looks like a file in the Finder. Inside this bundle is a special folder that will cause iPhoto to automatically import any images dropped into that folder.

We're going to "borrow" that folder to create our own iPhoto auto-import tool, and it's amazingly simple to do.

• Click on the Finder icon on your Dock
•From the open Finder window, click on the Pictures folder.
• Within the Pictures folder right click or control click on the iPhoto Library icon (or folder) and select Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu.

• In the new window that opens, you'll see a folder named Auto Import.

• Next, Hold down Command and Option (which will force the Finder to create an alias) and then drag Auto Import to your Desktop or other convenient storage location.

• Make sure you see the small arrow icon on the folder while dragging; this indicates that the Finder will, in fact, create an alias (like a shortcut to the actual application) when you drop the folder.

• Once you've dropped the folder, that's it--feel free to rename the alias ("iPhoto Import folder" or whichever name you prefer), but you don't have to do that.


Now, whenever you want to import any of the affected,photos you have, just drop those photos into that into that new alias folder you've just created.


If iPhoto is open and active, it will import those dropped files immediately. If it's not running, the photos will be automatically imported the next time you launch the application.


If you get a lot of photos via e-mail or from the web, this is one of the easiest ways of importing them to iPhoto.


So give this a try and let me know if this workaround process is the fix you need at least to begin importing your photos into iPhoto for your user account.


I will be hoping for a good update from you with this procedure.


Thanks so much for being patient with me as I have worked to assist you.




Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Terry, I have got the photos into the alias import folder but they still wont import into iPhoto. The same error message keeps appearing.
Another 2 problems that have been there from the start are:

1 Iphoto wont import the photos from my Sony camera. I have been doing this for years without any bother -until now.

2 I cannot Duplicate a single photo in iphoto but no problem duplicating an album. I suddenly wondered if this extra piece of info. might throw any further light on the problem. When I try to duplicate a single photo the error message that comes up is that iphoto cannot import the photo -as before-and the same with my camera import attempt.
I would dearly love to give you the good news-sorry to be such a bother!! Regards, June
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Terry, I have partly solved the problem!!! Here is what I did. Pictures->Iphoto Library->Contol click->Show package Contents->Import->Get info and down the bottom of this window under Sharing and permissions I found Custom instead of Read and Write beside my name. I unlocked this and changed it to Read And write and Successfully imported the photos and Duplicated one photo and then suddenly it no longer worked. Then I discovered that, although the lock was closed, it had reverted to Custom. Any suggestions?
Hi June, sorry I was unable to reply back to you yesterday.
Glad to see you've made some progress with the work around.

In regards XXXXX XXXXX "the lock was closed, it had reverted to Custom." is that the duplicated photo you are referring to, which no longer worked and now has the custom permissions?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Terry, I can either duplicate 1 photo OR import 1 file/folder from my Pictures file at a time and then the Read and Write converts to Custom so I have to repeat the process to duplicate a second photo or to import another lot of photos from Pictures. I went through a lot more of the Package Contents of iphoto and changed all of my settings from Custom to Read and Write. They appear, so far, to have not changed, just the Import permissions. Then I went into Disc Utilities again and ran Repair Permissions but the Import permission is still changing even though the lock remains closed!
Finally,I should have explained that it was not only the same photo or file I was trying to import but the duplicating or file importing could only be performed once at a time before having to reset the permission. I hope this helps.
Regards, June
Thanks for that update June.

Considering what you are having to go through with importing into iPhoto issue,
and also because I have worked hard to bring some "light to the end of this tunnel" for you:

I would like to recommend you actually go into the Pictures folder, back up your iPhoto folder in its entirety (to DVD-R or RW or external storage sources like external HD or large jump drive if you have one) and then remove iPhoto '08 completely and then reinstall it.

This may be a case where the culprit behind why there is such difficulty with iPhoto not allowing such a simple process to be completed like a photo import may be iPhoto itself.

If you go ahead and process this step what you need to do before removing iPhoto is
to go into Library>Preferences and remove the file to the Trash.
• You will then need to remove the iPhoto '08 application from the Applications folder to the Trash.

• Once this is accomplished, you will then need to run Disk Utility as you have done before, to correct any damage permissions as a result of this procedure.

• Then reinstall iPhoto '08 again and make sure to run the updates to make sure it is completely updated to current version of the '08 series.

• Now when you launch iPhoto '08, the previous iPhoto library (still within the Pictures folder) should be recognized and populate your pictures.

If if does, keep hope alive and then attempt to import some of your photos again.
This I hope myself, will be the fix you need, because the issue appears to be growing in complexity instead of simplicity in regards XXXXX XXXXX being able to import with simplicity, into iPhoto.

I will be closely watching for your next update.

Thanks again!

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for your suggestion, Terry.
I am a little reluctant to trash my present iphoto 08 even although I do already have it saved on an external hard drive accessible with Time Machine. I have spent many hours getting my nearly 11,000 photos mostly named and in chronological order and I fear they would be all jumbled if I were to reimport them into the newly imported iphoto. This has happened before when I had to reimport my photos which had been backed up on DVDs. Many of the titles didn't appear either. So, if you don't mind, I would like to dwell on that idea for the time being. Also I don't have the time to spend on it just now.
I am happy to click the Accept button as you have been so kind and put a lot of work into it.
If I do decide to go ahead, would you like me to notify you of the outcome?
I look forward to your reply
Kind regards, June
I completely understand June and I cannot dispute what you have experienced. If you feel more comfortable still working on alternative ways to resolve this issue, other than what I have already advised, that is fine with me. And if you still want to consult me on this question, I am just fine continuing with you. You just say the word.

You see June, as long as we continue to communicate, this post will stay open for the most part.
I have enjoyed helping you and am not so ready for an Accept from you yet, until you are at least have a functional import process that works for you on your current user.

If you do not have any more time to spend on this issue, I also understand and will gladly receive your Accept, but per your discretion.

Otherwise, let's keep going!

What do you say? Smile

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Terry. As you are happy to continue, so am I. I am slowly working up the courage to trash iphoto and have already done so with my Powerbook which has multiple problems which Apple are unable to resolve.It all started with the iphoto program so I thought I would try trashing it and reimporting iphoto 8. It still has the problems but it did retain the photos so that is encouraging. So will be in touch when I have anything further to report.
Thanks once again, June
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Terry, i have finally cracked it!! As I had always suspected, it turned out to be a very simple matter indeed. The Shared folder box on the Import->Get Info window was not ticked! How it became unticked is anybody's guess. I had spent a lot of time with System Preferences->Sharing and couldn't understand why it wouldn't work—now I know! Because iPhoto worked just fine on another user account on this computer, I felt it had to be somehow involved with the 'Sharing'.
A couple of days ago I also found that editing and renaming facilities in iPhoto wouldn't work. I discovered in the very useful iPhoto 08 book I have, that doing a rebuild of iPhoto can repair quite a few problems. I did this by launching iPhoto while holding down the command and option keys then ticking all the boxes.This did the trick as far as the editing was concerned but not, of course, with the importing.
So there you have it. Sanity has been restored!
So many thanks, XXXXX XXXXX all your help-who knows, you might be hearing from me again if I have another problem! Kind Regards, June
Hi June. You are fantastic! Your diligence has impressed me indeed!

I am never ashamed to admit that I was even stumped on this one myself and I too was running numerous scenarios in my mind as to what the issue could be. I am actually very pleased you were able to crack this "concrete egg" of an issue with iPhoto.
(Are you sure you aren't part-Mac tech? Wink)

Anyway I would like to thank you for entrusting me to assist you with this issue further.

If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best Regards XXXXX XXXXX thank you for using Mac!

-Terry ("Mactechtrainer")
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