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my imac ate my dvd player. I attempt to open a movie

Resolved Question:

my imac ate my dvd player. I attempt to open a movie dvd and i get an initialization problem-70017. How do I fix
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Travis replied 7 years ago.
First, there are a few questions I'd like you to answer so I can better help understand the problem. The more detail you can provide, the easier the troubleshooting will be.

1) What type of Mac (ie iMac, PowerBook, etc) and how old is it?

2) What is the Operating System (ie 9.2, 10.5.8, etc)? This info can be found in the apple menu, "About this Mac".

3) What have you done already to try to fix the problem?

4) Have you recently installed anything new, updated the computer, upgraded OS or software?

5) Did you start noticing the problem after a specific event took place?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
1 I Mac G5
2 10.4.11
3 not much just read what I could find in their help site.
4 I did an erase an install because of a glitch that would give me the black screen saying you must shut down your computer. On the reccomendation of an apple genius.
I think the problem actually started before the erase. I installed a new dvd drive 6 months ago but I have had no problems until recently. Gary
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I am going to bed back on line about 7.00 am pacific. Long day, thank you
Expert:  Travis replied 7 years ago.
If the following suggestions work, please let me know and you can Accept the answer (and if possible, leave positive feedback). If not, please DO NOT Accept the answer. Instead, let me know and we'll try some more things or I can refer you to another Expert who may be able to help you further.

Before we go any further, I would suggest you use a program like Carbon Copy Cloner ( to create a restorable backup of your Hard Drive to an empty USB External Hard Drive. This free program will make a mirrored copy of your hard drive in it's current state that you can go back to if things go south after the following changes. I do this personally before I perform any kind of install, update or major change to my system.

After you have a backup of the system, let's reinstall the last mac os X update. First you'll need to know if the mac is a PowerPC or Intel based machine. This info can be found under the apple menu / about this mac.

If your G5 is a PowerPC, run this update:

If your G5 is an Intel, run this update:

Let me know what happens.
Travis and 3 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Is there any other way i can back up I don't have an external usb hard drive.
Expert:  Travis replied 7 years ago.
No, that's the most effective way. In fact, if you don't backup to an external drive now, I highly suggest doing it in the future on a schedule. It will save you hours of work and countless headaches down the road I'm sure. You'll thank me later, trust me.

You don't have to backup the system to run the combo updater again, but I always recommend it.