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I recently added Snow Leopard and immediately started having

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I recently added Snow Leopard and immediately started having problems with Safari getting messages like “you are not connected to whatever”, when I clearly was connected to my wifi and the Internet. This never happened before quite like that. So I upgraded to Safari 4.0.4, but the problems seemed to get worse!

I’m using AT&T wireless basic ($19.99 and do not tell me that I need a more expensive version), and while it has always had some outages during the day, never like this. The thing is, Firefox does not cause the same problems. But I love ‘Top Sites’ and the way it is so fast in loading the website when things are working properly. So, do I need to go back to the Safari before Snow Leopard or what?

ATT Wireless Basic? Are you using a Cellular Modem for your Internet access?

Do you have a full 5 bars most of the time for your service?

Is there a setting that disconnects you after a certain amount of time and it has to re-connect after it dis-connects to allow you to continue? This could trigger Safari to do that. Then, when you open Firefox to test it, the connection is back up and Firefox 'appears' to be working better.

Also, try Reset Safari from the Safari Menu. Choose all boxes if you want and reset to new or rest what you want. At least make sure to choose Caches and cookies. History as well if you aren't tied to it.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Mike, thanks for your answer, but it didn’t really help my situation (not that the answer was wrong), maybe I needed to be more specific.

I am using AT&T wifi on my MacBook Pro via the home phone’s landlines. From day one, the system has had cutout problems signaled by the red led light on the modem. We got the wifi about a year ago. I never paid it much thought but I realized that I never had a problem of any kind when I used free wifi or at my work where I share a service with the guys next door, which is Verizon. On the other hand we also know that we have older wiring and the phone sound can get ‘scratchy’ at times, especially when it rains, but this did not seem to make the wifi any worse then its usual spottiness.

After I upgraded to Snow Leopard and Safari 4.0.1, the problem with the wifi at home just got so much worse that it becomes a pain at times, while there was no change at work, so I am assuming there must be a conflict with Mac OS 10 and the AT&T system and Snow Leopard or Safari 4.0.1 (now 4.0.4 as I moved up to the latest upgrade hoping to eliminate the problems).

Before Safari 4.0.1, when the system cutout, it would simply not load a page until it came back on, a period of a few seconds to 30 seconds, maybe a minute at worst. But now, when it cuts out I get a page saying something like ‘you are no longer connected to the internet’, and it lasts for as long as a minute or more even after the modem shows the connection has been restored.

So it would seem that Safari 4.0.1 has just made a bad situation even worse. Oh, and the problem seems to be the worst in the morning and evening. Could that be due to all the other users (the modem bar wifi symbol indicates quite a few 2Wire –AT&T users – nearby)?

Sounds like DSL.

If you have a Modem and use ATT for Dial-up or DSL, then it may be a bad phone line that needs to be replaced, especially since you mention scratchy when it rains.

Snow Leopard is more sensitive to these issues, I'll admit that. But it is the phone line I think that is your problem here. SL just made it worse.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'll look into what is involved in replacing of fixing the phone line, but it may be more cost effective to just go back to an earlier version of Safari.

Thanks for your thoughts and I will 'Accept' your advice.