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Hi! My name is Michael. I have a 24 Intel Imac which I purchased

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Hi! My name isXXXXX have a 24" Intel Imac which I purchased refurbished in 2007. Its suffering from severe graphics problems and hangs a lot. My local apple specialist store said it may be the logic board (they are diagnosing it right now). They estimated that would cost about $600 to replace. Also I read about a company that repairs logic boards in California. My question is: Can I replace the board or repair it myself? I'm pretty confident around computers and going by the age/size of the problem I'm seriously considering giving it a go.
Please DO NOT Accept the answer as it is not a positive solution to your request UNLESS you feel I have helped you in some way by relaying this information. I feel it necessary to put this here because my answer is not a solution, rather a confirmation. If you do feel this answer is worthy of acceptance, by all means, please click the Accept button. I just want you to realize this up front.

Actually in my experience doing your own logic board replacement is usually not worth the cost savings or headache.

Most places offer the logic board on an exchange cost where you have to send in your dead logic board for the discounted price. Plus, you will usually get instructions on how to swap the logic boards. HOWEVER, in my experience swapping the logic board on an imac yourself is a lengthy process and is usually better left to the professionals. Or it's easier to buy a used imac and just swap the hard drives or move the files.

As far as having someone replace the Logic Board, I'd suggest you contact Mac2MacOnline: It is likely going to be the cheapest fix in my experience.
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