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Travis, Mac-Trained Product Designer
Category: Mac
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Experience:  19+ Years of Mac Experience, BSA in Design and 6 Years of Mac Training from University of Cincinnati
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This question is for Travis. Hi Travis, Hope you are

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This question is for Travis.

Hi Travis,

Hope you are having a good holiday season.

I’ve tried many ways to have images show up in my emails, and I wish I remembered all I had tried. Many times it will tell you to do certain things in the help menu, but those links aren’t there. When they are there, they don’t do the trick anyway.

Would you like to try?
Suzanne Ferguson
Hello Suzanne,
I am around and willing to help for sure. I will be heading out to lunch soon but back for the duration of the afternoon.

I am a little confused to the question. Just some clarification. When you receive emails, they do not have images in them? They are missing or showing as a link?

You have a specific email that is supposed to have a link within it, but you are unable to see it because the button (image) is not showing up?

You may have already tried these, but we'll start here anyway. Try each of the following and see if any work for what you need:

1) Browse to View in the top menu bar > Message Body As > and select Original HTML.

2) Browse to View in the top menu bar > and select Display Attachments Inline.

3) If Thunderbird thinks the images are spam, there may be a button in the top right of the email to "Load Images". Click this. If the email message is from a trusted sender, you can click the link above the message specifying you would always like to load images in messages from this particular sender.

4) If the above do not work, or it doesn't work after you quit and restart Thunderbird, try changing the configuration settings:
4a) Browse to Tools in the top menu bar > Options > Advanced tab > Config Editor
4b) Search for mail.default_html_action and make sure it is set to 3 (allow original HTML).

Let me know how this works out or if I missed the question entirely. I'll be back after I grab some eats to see how this is going. Good Luck! Hopefully I nailed it, but if not, I'm here to help. I love to see repeat faces... er texts... er posts... well you get the idea.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Travis,

I had tried the first few suggestions many times, both using original and simple html. This time when I changed it to original html it finally started give me the Load Images link again. It had not been present before.

Since seeing images has only worked intermittently, I wanted to try your last suggestion, too. But there is no link for options under the tools menu.
Sorry, new Thunderbird is different.

go to Thunderbird > Preferences > Advanced > General > Config Editor

Scroll down to mail.default_html_action and make sure it's value is set to 3 (allow original HTML).
Travis and 3 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My config editor only has a long list of stuff. It won't let me select and paste but the first one is:
It should have a long list, can you scroll down to the file in question? I am assuming the value in the right column won't be 3. You will need to double-click it to change it to 3.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Found it and tried it! I would like to click accept now, but be able to get back to you if it doesn't stay working.

I've tried to read about the config editor before and always felt sooo lost. I'm so happy to have that now set correctly. Thank you!!

One question - the emails I clicked in the top portion so the images would always open up, ended up opening my address book so I could adjust it there. What happens if an email isn't in your address book and you don't want it to be?
You can bookmark this page. It will stay open for about a week. Anything you post, I'll get an email to check back here.

One of the rules in thunderbird is, if the sender is in your address book, it auto loads the images and does not mark the email as junk. That's what it is doing when it takes you to your address book. So you can add the sender as a trusted contact.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks so much, Travis! I also left great feedback about you.

Until next time - Suzanne
No problem. Until next time!