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Ashik, Mac Technician
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 10927
Experience:  Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), 9+ Years of Experience in troubleshooting Macs, iPhone, iPad, iPod etc
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I want to combine two short iMovies into one. Can I add one

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I want to combine two short iMovies into one. Can I add one iMovie to another?

La Vergne
You should be able to use clips from multiple events within iMovie in the same movie project.
You can also merge the seperate events. Dependant upon the version of iMovie, you can combine the source video for two or more Events in the Event Library. This way you can keep your video organized in sets that make sense to you. To merge Events, you need to make sure the Event Library is showing.

Here is a video about organing and merging:

Here is a walkthrough for iMovie 7 (iMovie '08):

This should get you headed down the right path.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Your reply addresses Events. I made the movies using Events. My question is about combining iMovie projects.

I have already used the online Mac tutorials for Events. And I just tried revisiting and using the links you sent. But the references do not match my situation.

I am using iMovie '90 8.0.5 820

iMovie projects do not show up in the Events window for that edition.

Do you know how I can add one iMovie Project to another iMovie Project?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I replied when I was working on the project, stayed online for quite literally hours, but never got the answer to my original question.

The expert told me about EVENTS, but I want to combine two iMovies--two PROJECTS.

The info he sent was for an early edition anyway. I am using iMovie '09 8.0.5 820

I finally requested a different tech, but go nothing. I still need the answer to my question.
Hi I am Ashik. I think i can help you

You have two iMovie projects, you want to combine them. So that you can edit the two project at the same time or convert it as a single movie. Am i correct ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes. Please understand I have a meeting and will have to go offline in about two minutes.
Okay...What is the exact version number of iMovie that you are using ? (Click on the iMovie menu and choose "About iMovie" )
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have iMovie '09 8.0.5 820
iMovie projects do not show up in the Events section.
So you are using iMovie 09'. I will create a video tutorial and will post as soon as possible. Now you can goto meeting. Good Luck !
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Okay, I am back from my meeting, but am not finding a message telling me about the tutorial yet. Is there a link? Have you had time to make the tutorial yet?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ashik, is the tutorial posted somewhere for me? I didn't get a message.
I'm very sorry for the delay...apologies.

I didn't get a chance to create a video tutorial, but here is a step by step instrutions with pictures : (Its very easy, just Copy and Paste)
  • Open iMovie, and click on the 'Project Library' buttongraphic
  • You can see your Projects in there. Click on any one project that you want to combine with other and click 'Edit Project' button. For eg :We want to combine 'New Project 2' with 'New Project 1', So select 'New Project 2' and click on 'Edit Project' buttongraphic
  • The select project will open, then goto Edit menu and click 'Select All' or Press Command(Apple) + A. This should select all the contents of the project. Then goto the Edit menu and click "Copy"graphic
  • This should copy the project.
  • So click on the 'Project Library' button again, select the other project. In here i copied the second project and want to combine with the first one.
  • Select the First Project and click 'Edit Project' button.graphic
  • If you want to combine the copied project in the end of the first project, click on the last part of the video, Goto Edit menu and choose Paste. graphic
  • This should paste the whole project into your other project (In here, i combined Project 2 with Project 1)
  • See the Picture below ;graphic

Best Regards,
...If i solved your problem, please kindly click ACCEPT. If i didn't, reply back before Accepting. Bonus and Positive Feedback are greatly appreciated. Thanks
Ashik, Mac Technician
Category: Mac
Satisfied Customers: 10927
Experience: Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), 9+ Years of Experience in troubleshooting Macs, iPhone, iPad, iPod etc
Ashik and 4 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ashik, I was unable to get back to my iMovie project until just now. Moments ago I followed your instructions and they worked like magic! I am so happy! You are a scholar and a genius. I am willing to go another $5 on top of the $30 fee offered in the first place.

I am not sure exactly how this works. I am hoping that I will be led to a link that leads to the pay bonus function.

Thank you again for delivering exactly what I needed.

La Vergne
Glad it worked. I received the Accept, Positive Feedback and the bonus. Greatly Appreciated ! And thanks so much !

If you need any help, please come back to

Have a great day !Smile

Best Regards,

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