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Im getting the Error Code 2NYD/1/4 2103 when I run diagnostics.

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I'm getting the Error Code 2NYD/1/4:2103 when I run diagnostics. I've seen another response on this page that suggests it's either logic board or power supply capacitors, depending on the type of problems. I'm getting both snowy/jiggly video and occasional startup issues that look like they could be power-related (the video problems just started). Up to now, unplugging, letting it sit, then plugging back in seemed to fix it. Now, it's not getting through startup at all. I have not tried booting from the original OS disc. Is it dead or are the repairs worth the startup?

Late 2004 iMac (no iSight); running 10.5.x
Hello my name is Dan.
You will have to decide how attached you are to the iMac.
A replacement logic board can be had on ebay, just make sure it matches your machine. One from a different iMac will not fit or work.
That is still a PPC and the newest OS it can run is on it now.
A new 21.5" replacement is start at 1,200 and a refurbished 24" for 1,150.
The issues you have are on the logic board most likely, cleaning the dust out may extend its life but repairs will not be cheap even doing them yourself.
This site has parts and how tos that may help you decide.
Let me know.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Can you give me an 'order of magnitude' cost for a replacement logic board? $250? $600? Yes, I've been looking at the new iMacs, but was hoping to hold out just a little bit longer, and blow for a size and capacity upgrade.

Also, when you say 'cleaning the dust out,' are you speaking literally? I was having a dust problem a while back but opened the iMac up and tried to get the dust out about 90 days ago. Any chance it could be something that simple?
I have found that to do wonders. Also using a small fan directed at the air intakes will help cool it. Heat is the biggest killer of these machines.
A ball park figure, good question, I would say around 300 as a start, but I am guessing because I don't have the exact model to look it up.

To make a match you should get the number from the board (I don't know where to find it as they print it in odd places).

Taking the cover off and using a soft paint brush and a vacuum cleaner to get the nooks clean can help.
One thing to look for are misshapen or leaking capacitors in or around the power supply.

Be very careful doing this and make sure to ground yourself, static electricity can fry circuit boards and you won't even know until it is too late.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, I sensed the heat problem a while back, and had a fan blowing "up its skirt," so to speak. Seemed like it had gotten better, so I stopped (ran a temperature program, and it looked like it was in a good range after the OS upgrade). Thanks for your help; this is a great service.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX what I can.

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