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Yet another FileVault prisoner! How to turn it off Of

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Yet another FileVault prisoner! How to turn it off? Of course I went through the stage of not enough space, moved most of my files to an external drive, deleting them in my account on my macbook pro (tiger) until I had sufficient space. I let Filevault "recover the unused space" in a reboot, and once again tried to turn off Filevault.
Now I get no warnings about insufficient space, just a simple message saying there is an error "An error occurred during decryption (An error occurred during copying), Filevault will be turnon on for this home folder and the home folder will be encrypted" AARGH no clue where to go from here.
I read in other posts that one way is to simply create a new account. Is there any downside to that? I do not want to spend more time trying to sort out the bugs in FileVault.

Boy, I wish Apple would just do away with that disaster.

There is no downside. It just takes a lot of time because you have to manually move everything from the old user account to the new one and make sure all are put in the exact same location.

Everything in the Users Home folder needs to be copied to the new users Home folder and replace what's is there if there is something.

As you found out, it is virtually impossible to do anything about a FileVault gone mad. Hopefully you will will be able to shoot it and put it out of its misery after moving your stuff to the new user.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have been trying to move files and close out the encrypted account. Making progress despite a couple of roadblocks. But I am not sure about a couple of things. 1) What to do with Library? can I overwrite the Library folder on the new account with the old Library folder, or ...???
2) If I succeed in getting a new working user, how do I delete the old (encrypted) one At that point I am going to upgrade to Leopard

If you mean the Library IN the User folder, you can replace it.

If you mean the Library in the Hard Drive window, NO you cannot replace that.

When you are ready to delete the User, go to the Accounts Pref and delete using the Minus sign. You will need the Admin password, but I hope it does not require the Filevault password. unsure about that.

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