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last week end I upload a few new font on my mac. since some

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last week end I upload a few new font on my mac. since some of the fonts on most webpage is different, kind of look like "comic sans"I tryed to go to the font book and find the font so I can uninstal it..but I cant find's not there.
can someone help ?
new Mac user
Hello, my name is Dan.
Can you tell me what version OS X you have? Find out here.
And how have you looked for it?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have the 10.5.4 processor 2.5 GHz intel core 2 duo
Good, now in the upper right corner of you screen.
Type in Font book and it will be the top hit.
Let me know.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i did it open the font book..showed me a font called "star spangled banner " I removed it and it's still the same
All I can say is keep looking.
I do not know what it looks like unless you send me a screen shot.
You can do this by pressing 'Shift' 'Command' then the number 4.
Copy that into an email [email protected] and include this URL
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hey Dan ..I try to e mail you the screenshot that you ask me to e mail you and it came back to me saying that I cannot e mail you on the e mail address you left me..
if you like to see what the font looks like on my mac since I upload a few font last week..I took a snap shot of my screen .. and I upload it to my website. you can go to and if you go to the MUSIC tab on the left of the home page you will be able to see wha the font looks like..
I hope you can help me with that..
I see what you mean. You can't make that go away and do what you want?
I found this for Font book prefs and may help.

To set Font Book preferences:

  1. Open Font Book and choose Font Book > Preferences.
  2. Choose from the following preferences:
  3. Default Install Location: To make the fonts you install available only to you, choose User, which installs fonts in Library/Fonts/ in your home folder. To make fonts available to all the computer’s users, choose Computer, which installs fonts in Library/Fonts/ at the top level of your hard disk.
  4. Validate fonts before installing: Select this checkbox to automatically validate all fonts before they are installed.
  5. Validating fonts
  6. Automatic font activation: Select this checkbox to enable fonts on your computer whenever they are needed by an application, even if you haven’t installed the fonts using Font Book. For example, if someone sends you a document that uses a font you haven’t installed, but the font is in your Documents folder, Font Book will find and enable the font so the document appears correctly.
  7. NOTE:If you turn off Spotlight searching for any folder or disk connected to your computer, Font Book can’t find and enable fonts in those locations.
  8. Ask me before activating: Select this checkbox to have Font Book ask for your permission before automatically enabling a font.
  9. Alert me if system fonts change: Select this checkbox to be alerted before changing any fonts used by Mac OS X to display onscreen text.

Then there is this that I found to be helpful in identifying the fonts.

Printing fonts from Font Book

You can print samples of fonts and font collections from Font Book in three different formats:

  • Catalog: prints a line of sample text for each selected font. You can select the size of the sample text in the Print dialog.

  • Repertoire: prints a large grid of all glyphs available for a font. You can select the size of the glyphs in the Print dialog. Smaller glyph sizes will fit more glyphs on a page.

  • Waterfall: prints a line of sample text at multiple point sizes on a single page. You can select the point sizes for the sample text in the Print dialog as long as they all fit on the same page.

To print fonts:

  1. In Font Book, select a collection in the Collection column and select the font or fonts that you want to print in the Font column.
  2. Choose File > Print.
  3. Choose an option from the Report Type pop-up menu.
    If you don’t see the Report Type pop-up menu, click the triangle beside the Printer pop-up menu.
Please let me know.

An update to my last.
I just did a print out of all 196 fonts that I have on my Mac. It wanted 170 pieces of paper so I made it into a PDF which makes them searchable, saves paper and gives a nice sample of what each looks like.
It opens in Preview (if you haven't used Preview please do, it is much easier and faster than Acrobat ever thought to be and it came free on your Mac) I was impressed.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hey Dan..
sorry to take so long to answer...was away from work.. ok I did what you sugested and made a PDF ..for some reason I could not make a print of all the font so I started with Arial. and it show the "problem font" as Arial regular.. should I just uninstal arial ? and if I do would it replace it with something else ?
I know that Arial is one of the main font..
let me know
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hey Dan...after spending a few hours on that...I follow your direction and did a PDF file for ALL the fonts... and sure enouph it was hiding under the Brady Bunch !!!! of all removed it and it work perfectly..thanks a bunch ( brandy bunch ) you made it easy..
You are welcome, that is how I make my money.
Glad to have been of assistance.
Daniel and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Dan can you veryfied that I paid you I just want to make sure I did it the right way.I got a weird warning when I paid..thank again
Yes, I received payment, thank you.
Can you tell me what the warning said, I would like to pass that on to a higher pay grade to fix.