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Hi My macbook has just told me that the start up disc is

Resolved Question:


My macbook has just told me that the "start up disc is almost full...delete files.etc.."
1) What does this mean? Because the last time I ignored this message the hard drive crashed and I had to have the hard drive replaced under extended warranty?
2) What kinds of files should I delete? And where do I find these files.
I have about 10 000 pics on iPhoto and 3 000 songs on iTunes. Other than that I have a backlog of emails in the system but very little else except some stuff on word.
3) Last dumb question, how do I delete so that they no longer affect the "start up disc?"

Trevor Purvis
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Daniel replied 7 years ago.
Hello Trevor, my name is Dan.
A ton of feathers still weighs a ton. Which means that you should invest in an external hard drive and move things to that and off your startup drive.
Each photo averages 1 MB so multiply that by 10,000 and there is 100GB, add the music and you see where the space went. Email adds up also especially when there are attachments.
It doesn't take long to fill a drive, I have probably 2 terabytes of storage and have to weed out sometimes.
You can have more than one iTunes and iPhoto library than be switched by holding the 'Option' key when launching iTunes or iPhoto.
Whatever external drive you get you want to reformat it as Mac OS Extended (journaled) so that regular maintenance can be done on the drive.
Let me know.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Dan

Thanks for that.
Do I transfer pictures and music by hi-lighting on iPhoto and iTunes and drag and drop onto the external drive? Or, is there abetter way to do it?
Where do I find "start up disc" to check on it's capacity?

Expert:  Daniel replied 7 years ago.
What OS X do you have?
What version iTunes and iPhoto?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OS X 10.5.8
iTunes 8.2.1
iPhoto 7.1.4
Expert:  Daniel replied 7 years ago.
The easiest way to do this is to press and hold the 'Command' key down and drag the iTunes folder to the external drive, the same with iPhoto.
This moves the folders but does not copy them.
If you wish to be sure before committing then just drag and drop into the new drive to make a copy, to make sure that all is well before deleting the originals.
Then when you open either one press and hold 'Option' to choose which library to use.
I also suggest updating to iTunes 9 (free) and iPhoto 9 (not free).
iPhoto 9 likes an intel Mac so if yours is a PPC then what you have will be fine.
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