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Tom, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  8 years experience as a Mac administrator for a college
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I have an HP C4500 series printer. When I try to print off

Customer Question

I have an HP C4500 series printer. When I try to print off the internet I get a message as follows:

The process pictwpstops stopped unexpetedly with status 1.

What can I do to correct this?

Tom Mericle
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
HelloCustomerand thanks for using

What OS are you running? ie. 10.4.11 or 10.5.6

If you click on the Apple icon in the top left and choose about this mac. It will tell you the version number.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I AM USING 10.4.11
Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
Try reinstalling the printer

If you click on the Apple in the top left and choose System Preferences.

Then choose Print & Fax.

Choose your printer to highlight it and press the minus sign at the bottom left to delete it.

Restart your computer

Go back into the Print & Fax Preference

Click on the plus sign and add your printer.

Try to print. Let me know if this works.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The computer giving me problems is currently down. I will get back to you when I can get it running.

The fans keep runnung and it will not boot. Apple does not offer any solutions. Last time I got it working I unplugged the computer at the back of the machine and waited overnight. I booted the next morning.

Very frustrating.

Tom Mericle
Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
What type of mac do you have? power mac G5 tower, intel imac, macbook ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Machine Name: iMac G5
Machine Model: PowerMac12,1
CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (3.1)
Number Of CPUs: 1
CPU Speed: 1.9 GHz
L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
Memory: 512 MB
Bus Speed: 633 MHz
Boot ROM Version: 5.2.6f1
Expert:  Tom replied 7 years ago.
You might need to reset the power management.

To reset the SMU on a Power Mac G5 simply do the following:

Turn off the computer by selecting Shut Down from the Apple menu or by holding the power button until the computer turns off.

Remove the power cord from the computer.
Wait two minutes.
Plug in the power cord.

I would also reset the pram. To do so do the following:

Step 1: Shutdown your computer

Step 2: Locate the following 4 keys on the keyboard: Command (Apple key) , Option, P, and R. You will need to hold these keys down simultaneously in step 3. You must do step 3 prior to the Apple logo from appearing on the screen otherwise you must shutdown and try again.

Step 3: Turn on computer and immediately hold down the Command (Apple key ) & Option & P & R key all at the same time.   

Keep holding them down. The computer will restart and on the third time you hear a chime you can let go and your computer will start up as normal.

Let me know if this helps