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Mac OSx 4.1 or possibly 4.2 (cant see as machine wont start)

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Mac OSx 4.1 or possibly 4.2 (can't see as machine wont start) I had a memeory stick inserted and this may have frozen the machine. Everything slowed down and I now have a clear white screen with a folder icon and a face (not a sad face) alternating with a question mark. I tried restarting with: shift, then with option comand shift delete, then with shift, then with x, then aptio command p and r. all to no effect. All was well before this. Help please, Eric
Hello Eric, my name is Dan.
Press and hold the power button until the machine shuts down if it is on.
Then press the power to start and wait until you hear the start up chime (not before) then press and hold the s'Shift' key until the Apple and the spinning gear show up, then let go.
This is a safe boot and runs repair routines, when the login screen appears log in and then restart and let it start as usual.
Let me know.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I did this and the same alternating question mark and face on folder appears.
I definitely waited till the chime occurred
Ok, then find the instal discs and insert disc 1. Restart and as soon as the screen turns black press and hold the 'C' key until the Apple and spinning gear show up.
Click 'Continue' at the language screen and the welcome screen.
Then in the menu bar in the drop down menu for Utilities select Disk Utility.
We are going to do two things here, 1) repair permissions and repair the disk.graphic

Then do the following.
Do both then quit Disk Utility and the installer and restart as usual.
Let me know.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Excellent advice. Thank you

AS I was given this Mac by friends in Belgium about 18 months ago, but not given the start up discs, I am somewhat stuck.

They may be able to find them and post. If not, can I download the start up discs off a website, and if so is there a substantial cost ie basically buying the machine again?

Please advise.



Tell me as close as you can what Mac it is and when it was built so I can see what you need.
To replace the install discs can be quite costly depending on the version. Up to 250.00 or as little as 50.00.
A new Mac will be even more, your best cost effective way is to have the discs sent to you.
It will worth the wait as you may need those same discs again.
Daniel and 4 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thank you
I will do this and let you know if this fails to assist.
I attempted to boot up using my old Mac CD simply to se if the error signal would change and in fact it did. Naturally it advised me it was the wrong software.
The computer in question is a G4 approximately 5 years old
Stay tuned
You need the install discs that came with the machine or newer to do much as you discovered.
I await your reply.