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Ive built a very elaborate site with nearly one hundred images

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I've built a very elaborate site with nearly one hundred images over ten pages and now realize that all these images were dragged in in their original sizes from various sources. I am told I need to resize them to 72dpi in roughly the measurements that I want them seen, or else the sight will take forever to load it's images. Is this so? Can this be done without going to the source and resizing each image and repositioning it in the design? If I have to go to the source, where does iweb keep these images now, or am I forced to rebuild the site from scratch?
If you have used iWeb to build the site you are fine and need do nothing. iWeb crops and resizes the images for you when you publish the site. Very, very occasionally, and only under unusual circumstances, iWeb will do a poor job of this, then it pays to resize manually.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I am replying much later as I was not able to wait for your initial answer yesterday.

This is still not quite clear to me. When you say 'publish', do you mean to any site by any means? In other words, my host is Lunar Pages in this case, and I've been instructed to send my site via FTP into a folder on their servers, from which it is published or put up. This in fact bypasses the iweb 'publish' button, and when I was doing this operation I notices it was transferring over each image at full size, taking ages. Is there a way then to create the resized 'publish' version of the site and then send this 'light' version via FTP to the server/host? I want iweb to do the operation of reducing/cropping and then be able to use that final output as my site.

Also, in my first question I asked where the photos the site is using are kept so that if I do have to resize each one, I understand where iweb is holding them, or accessing them from. Does iweb create a new copy in a new folder somewhere, as I assume it must if I can transfer the whole site when I drag the Domain to an new location, or copy it.
In the side bar on the left of the iweb site there is the name of your site with all of the pages within the site listed below. Click on this name. When you do you should see the site publishing settings. I recommend that you use this to upload your site directly to your host. However, if you would rather do it manually via ftp then change the top drop down menu (Publish to) to local folder, select a folder using the Choose button below and let iWeb know your site's URL. Make sure you use a different folder to the one you keep all the original pictures in. When you now select Publish Entire Site in the file menu iWeb will create all the necessary files and folders all in sensible sizes and write them into the folder you selected. It is these files and folders which need sending via ftp to your host, but not the enclosing folder.
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