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Now that you have resolved my problem getting my HP Photosmart

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Now that you have resolved my problem getting my HP Photosmart C4680 set up to print with my iMac 10.6, I need help setting up the scanner. tried just about everything, but it is still telling me there is no scanner attached. I tried through HP Scan Pro as well as with Vuescan, a program I had downloaded to my computer before i installed snow leopard. Your solution to my previous problem seemed very simple. I hope this can be resolved as easily. My Mac just does not seem able to see the Photosmart C4600 when in scan mode.



I'd love the opportunity to assist you. Please follow these steps:


1) If your device is connected via USB, disconnect it.
2) Go into the Print & Fax system preference, right click on the printer list, and select "Reset printing system..."
3) Open /Applications/Hewlett-Packard/HP and when you get to the Uninstall screen (the one where the button says uninstall) press and hold Shift-Control-Command-Option while you press the button. Say yes to the scary waring message.
4) Install version 2.2 of the Leopard Print driver bundle from

This should give you Print and Scan (through the In-OS Scan Drivers). If you want to install HP Scan, then:

5) Install the full solution for the Photosmart C4680 from here.

Know that HP Scan Pro and HP Message Center are not compatible with Snow Leopard. But Snow Leopard does contain a full feature Utility (HP Utility) for your device.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i am not clear on Step 5. should I download
HP_Installer_Inkjet_Full_Group03_10.3.dmg, (1/1 , 128.29M)? I think
i also forgot to disconnect the USB plug. Should ////////i start the process all over again? Sorry...I'm thick tonight. are there any further steps beyond this one?
Yes, please restart as it is imperative you have the printer disconnected. You have the right download.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thanks. i will have to rstrt the process tomorrow morning. if I am successful I will accept your nswer. Thnks again.

No worries. I'll be here tomorrow and open to assist you in case we have to try another set of steps.


Sleep well.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Sorry to be so late getting back to you, but I was unable to get back to it before tonight. I'm stuckon the step where I opened thehp uninstall program. Igot to the screen that says select a device to uninstall, buut there is no device there and without selecting device to uninstall, Icannot go beyond hta step. Have I done something wrong or missed a step?
Okay, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Install this package with your printer disconnected, reboot, then connect the printer.
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