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Derick The Mac Guy
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My songs (saved as a .wav file) will drag to my itunes library

Resolved Question:

My songs (saved as a .wav file) will drag to my itunes library (under souce) but don't show up. However I can drag them to the bottom of the source column and they will show there. I want them in my library so I can create a CD. If I click on Add to Library, I select the song's .wav file and click choose, the box closes, but the song is not added. How can I do this, or what am I doing wrong?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Derick The Mac Guy replied 7 years ago.
Good Morning,

The solution may be quite simple. If we can select the files and convert them to AAC, MP3, or AIFF we may be able to work with them a bit easier. I have had to do this before to make an MP3 CD.
Here is a walkthrough on how to do that.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The songs will not move to the library
Expert:  Derick The Mac Guy replied 7 years ago.
How are you viewing the files? Are you opening them in iTunes? According to your initial post it sounded as if you were able to drag them into iTunes and view them in the Source column. Are you not able to work with them at all in iTunes? Where are the files coming from? Are you creating the files in another application?

Do the files play in any other program such as Quicktime? I know with Quicktime Pro you can export the files in a different format as well, that will be more compatible with iTunes. This may be the best place to start then. Once your file is open in Quicktime you can select "Export" under the file menu. then you can choose the format you wish to export to.

Let's see if Quicktime can get us back on track.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have songs in Pro Tools LE, they play fine. I save them as .wav files. Then I want to drag that .wave file over to Itunes source menu > Library. I have One song in there and don't remember how i got it there. The .wav file appears to drag and when i get the pointer over Library under the song name column, i get a green + sign. However, when i release the mouse, nothing happens. The only place it will let me drag to is at the bottom of the "source" column.
Expert:  Derick The Mac Guy replied 7 years ago.
You should definitely be able to add the songs to iTunes if they are a standard wav format, that seems to be the hardest part to figure out. If you right-click on the audio file does it give you the option to "Open With" another program. I would imagine that quicktime and iTunes would be able to open the file. I would see what options are available there and try both iTunes and Quicktime.
Can you do a quick look preview of the files?
Here is how:
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
First, there is no right click with mac. I am converting now to sd II format. That seems to be what the file is that DOES show up in the library and will burn to a cd.
Expert:  Derick The Mac Guy replied 7 years ago.
Right-click can be enabled through the system preferences and can also be used by holding the ctrl button on the keyboard when clicking. It comes in handy in situations like this where you may need to select a different program or way of opening a file, or to bring up different menus for specific tracks and regions in a file.
I did notice on digidesign's site that there is an MP3 export module that can be added to Pro Tools, unfortunately it looks like it may be a paid add on.
I hope the CD turns out well.


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