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Still unable to scan from canoscan to hard drive. Suggestions

Resolved Question:

Still unable to scan from canoscan to hard drive. Suggestions were followed, but still the scan does not connect and stops 'unexperctantly'   I recently installed Mac snow leopard OS which does not accept the scanning device. Am using Photo Studio.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Travis replied 7 years ago.
Nathan, I believe I was already helping you on this issue. I have a few further notes.

First according to apple's press release, your Canon Scanner is not supported in Snow Leopard. CLICK HERE

However, according to Canon's website, you can download the latest driver (which I believe you already did) CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK AGAIN

The instructions supplied by canon detail a few steps which should be taken. I'm posting below, from their notes, including removing ScanGear before loading the new version for OS Snow Leopard:

Product Contents
This product includes the following items:

- Installer Version 12.13.1
Installs the TWAIN-compliant scanner driver for CanoScan 4400F scanner on your computer.

- ScanGear 12.13.1 for CanoScan 4400F (hereafter referred to as "ScanGear")
The software allows you to scan image data.

- ReadMe
This document. It contains important information about the ScanGear.

Deleting the ScanGear
Double-click the icon of the hard disk on which ScanGear is installed, then double-click [Library]-[ImageCapture]-[TWAIN Data Sources] and move [CanoScan 4400F.ds] to the trash.

ScanGear cannot be deleted unless you login as a user with the administrative right.
On an administrative user, refer to the Macintosh manuals.

General Notes

The following restriction is placed on the use of this product.
Pay attention to this restriction before use.

- If you are using a Macintosh computer equipped with an Intel processor and you select Image Capture to scan a document, you may not be able to start document read processing.
If this happens, change the settings according to the procedure below.

1. Select the Applications folder from the hard disk icon, and launch [Image Capture].
2. From the [Devices] menu, select [Browse Devices...].
3. When the [Image Capture Devices] dialog box appears, select [CanoScan 4400F] from [TWAIN devices].
4. Select [Use TWAIN software] at the bottom left of the dialog box, and click [OK].
5. Close [Image Capture] without executing scanning.
6. Once again, open [Image Capture], select [CanoScan 4400F] from the [Devices] menu, and execute scanning.

- Do not connect two or more scanners or multifunction printers with scanner function to the same computer simultaneously.
If these scanning devices are connected, you cannot scan from the scanner buttons on the scanner and also may experience errors while accessing the devices.

Edited by DWCdesignTB on 9/16/2009 at 2:54 AM EST
Travis and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OK, I give up. I found Image Capture and was UNABLE to find CanoScan (from TWAIN devices. Nor do I find TWAIN anywhere. Therefore I am unable to carry on with the other instructions you have been submitting. Sorry this is taking so long. It seems simple enough but I will not recommend Snow Leopard even to my enemies! Nathan
Expert:  Travis replied 7 years ago.
Sorry. But, because your scanner isn't supported by 10.6 (yet), the only thing I can suggest at this point, is back up the entire system and reload 10.5.8.

Do you have Time Machine running? Going back to 10.5.8 might take a while, but may be worth it in the long run for you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have no idea what Time Machine is. I eally am going to give up on this it is too fraught with anxiety and I say to hell with the whole thing. I did appreciate your assistance however and this is no criticism of your assistance. Thanks and all that. Nathan
Expert:  Travis replied 7 years ago.
Time Machine is a native Mac Program that is part of the System that allows you to go back to a specific point on your machine in case you lose a file or encounter a fatal error... but I digress.

Sorry I couldn't help you out any further. If you decide to go back to OS 5.8 and you run into any problems, I'd be glad to help.
Travis and 2 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you

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