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How do you get Excel to do daily totals and To Date total

Customer Question

How do you get Excel to do daily totals and "To Date" total on a daily bases??? Example if starting out I enter 1 in A1 (Daily Totals) then B1 (To Date Totals) assuming I use B1, the total in B1 should be 1, but the next day my daily total is 7, the new To Date total in B1 should read 8. How can I get Excel to make this happen??? FYI, I'm using Excel 2008 for Mac.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  John D replied 8 years ago.



Here is a sample file with the running total formulas in the colored cells. Please note that the first cell on top (colored orange) has a different formula than the rest. So if you need to fill the formula down to the cells bellow make sure you start from a yellow cell.




Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.




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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
John I wanted to be able to place the second days daily production in the same B2 cell and have it add the first days production number and the second days production number together in the Same C2 as I will have several items to track daily and and all will need to be able to total to individual "to date" total as well.   You sheet track an accumulative sum dollar amount by the day! I need my daily production to start at zero every day and when the days production is placed in the cell it adds to the same cell as the previous day? Am I making myself clear. I understand full well what you're doing in your example but I do not have 31 deferent daily entry per item that the production is being tracked on. I have the same daily production entry cell that I want to fee the daily total cell per each process being tracked on my sheet just one daily that feeds the rest of the tracking sheet! Thanks anyway. but your example is not what I needed. please look at my original question and you will see that that I am wanting to enter the days production in the same place ever time and have the "daily total cell keep an accumulative total of the day total plus the previous days total.
Expert:  John D replied 8 years ago.

Ok, that can only be done by code since the formula in C2 cannot add values to itself. I have just written the code for this using Excel standard VBA programming language. However I noticed that you are running Excel 2008 which unfortunately no longer supports VBA. If you have Excel 2004 or any Excel for Windows I will be happy to send you the file with the code.


Let me know.