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Hi, I am unable to get fast torrent speeds on my macbook

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I am unable to get fast torrent speeds on my macbook laptop. I am connected wireless to a Belkin N1 router. On, I can reach download speeds of up to 40mbps and upload speeds of abt 5mbps.

I tried using utorrent and transmission as my torrent clients. On transmission, it says that the port is closed even when I opened it. On utorrent, I can only reach download speeds of up to 40kbps even though my upload speeds can reach 200kbps.

I currently reside in Singapore and im using a 100mbps internet plan. I also choose torrents that have many seeds so that should not be the problem


You may be at the mercy of the servers at the torrent service. Only being to download at the rate they are setup to deliver plus weighing in the amount of traffic at the time you try to download. I get different speeds of downloads at all different sites.

You can try using the open dns solution though. Here's their website:

Basically they recommend putting the following numbers in the Network System Preference DNS pane: and
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
sorry to trouble you again but i doubt it is the torrent server. i have tested with friends who downloaded the same torrent with higher speeds but inferior bandwith. they are also on the same isp.

the problem is that the torrent client does not detect the ports as opened. this happens even though the ports have been forwarded.

also, what will opendns do for me?
Open DNS is supposed to make surfing and downloading more reliable, faster and more secure.

If the opened ports not being detected is the problem, you could create a new user account, log out of the main account, log in to the new account and see if your downloads are faster in the new account.

Have any of your friends tried downloading from those torrents on your internet connection where you are having the problem? That would be the real test. Or another computer you may have.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
sorry, when you say user account, are you talking about a mac account? and btw, the ports are detected as open when i use a website based test, but the torrent clients detect the ports as closed. is it possible that this problem is specific to the macbook?
I can't imagine it would be MacBook specific. Yes, the account I'm talking about is one that is created by opening System Preferences. Click accounts. Click the lock at the bottom of that window and enter your username and password. Click the plus button to add a new account. Create a username and password XXXXX you've created a new account.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks for your help! the opendns really worked.