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My Snow Lepard lost its Cricket USB Moden Suporrt the software

Customer Question

My Snow Lepard lost it's Cricket USB Moden Suporrt the software will not in stall any more
mac book pro newly in stalled Upgared this week book pre was fin befor the upgread
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Mac
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.

Did you check to make sure the USB modem would be supported in Snow Leopard (please say yes)?

Snow Leopard/10.6 is a bug upgrade and a change in how the OS handles many things, including printing and software. PowerPC software now needs Rosetta to be installed to run correctly, Printers need their new 10.6 compatible drivers to work, and many third party items like USB dongles, like yours, need new 10.6 compatible software to be able to run now.

Now, here is an interesting thread I found and read through. There are some things you 'could' try. That is you are handy with Terminal commands moving System files around.

There is also, on page 2 of that thread, a mention from a user who actually got it working in 10.6, but then it failed. He contacted Cricket and they said a fix is in the works, but no release date yet. Read the whole thread, 2 pages, and see if it is something you might want to try.

If Cricket does not have software drivers out yet for 10.6, then you are kind of out of luck here. The advice, beforehand, would be do not upgrade. Now, I am not sure what to tell you becaue it is too late. You may have to wait until they fix/release new software for your 10.6 to run that device correctly.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hey Mike
this is kind of a Crazy problem but I have a bub who works a the Apple store who told me he gooolged the Question and form the Answer on a Mac Help site Me not being that femeier with google couldn't find it my be you can help thire seen I just a user and not that goood at that trying to build a better Mouse trap I keep geting cought my Self Check on that for me Please
Expert:  Mike replied 8 years ago.

Did you read the site that was attached to the link in my reply above? Is that the answer he found as well?

I can google it again, but I don't know what he found. It may be the same thing as I did, or it may be a different answer.

Let me know,