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I have an imac with 10.2 op system version. It started running

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I have an imac with 10.2 op system version. It started running very slow yesterday and now it stops on the grey screen with the Apple logo. I have put the hardware disk in and ran the Extended analysis. No problems reported. Put in Install disk, and when I ran installer and looked at hard drive, got Catalog file entry not found for extent. Tried repairing several times, but no help
Hello my name is Dan.
I have some bad news for you. Your hard drive has failed. Stop trying to use it because it may be that files can be recovered from it. It sounds like you know your way around an iMac and can replace the drive yourself.
This is where I buy my drives and they have a sweet USB interface to plug in to the drive you are replacing.

You did not say which model iMac you have but you should not have much trouble. If you need instructions on how to do it see below.

Good luck.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi Dan:

Went to the website for mac parts you sent. first, I am not a mac person at all. my wife has this one, and i struggle to do most things on a mac. How do I know which kind of disk drive I need to buy for this mac? You are going to ask which model it is, and therein lies the dilema. I don't know how to tell. It is a white half a basketball looking base with a monitor. On the bottom of the base it syas 700mhz, 256 mb, 40hd, but the hard drive has been replaced previously and is 130 some gig.
The serial number is XXXXX I will accept your advice, so you will be paid, but how do I find out SATA vs IDE vs whatever else?

And would this computer hold say, two simms of 512m memory? if so, would you know what model/speed for that?


OK, that is just exactly the info I need to tell what you want.
This is the hard drive.

This is the memory.

The RAM will bring it to 768 MB unfortunately that is about all I find for RAM for that machine. Parts are getting hard to come by.

If you look on eBay you nay find this PC-133 144 pin SO_DIMM and that goes in the inside beside the hard drive.
The max RAM is 1 GB.
Hope this will help you find the stuff. It will take someone handy with taking it apart and reassembly. I have two of those machines and they are bears to work on.