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I have an old imac OS X vers 10.2.8, with 256MB, 800Mhz, power

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I have an old imac OS X vers 10.2.8, with 256MB, 800Mhz, power pc G4, the DIMM0/j12 slot is empty and the DIMM1/j13 slot has SDRAM 256 MB. What can I do to upgrade it and make it faster?

Can you give me one more piece of info?

Go to your Apple Menu and choose About this Mac...

Click on More Info and then look on the right side. Is there a Model Identifier number that looks something like iMac 3,1?

Let me know. If not, just tell me if this is a Flat Panel iMac. Round base with swivel display.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Good Morning Mike!!

Oops sorry I left that out...the machine model: IMAC (version = 3.3),

and yes you described it well!!

Let me know if you need more info!

Have a great day! Cool



We can try this and see if it will work.

Your iMac takes an SO-Dimm memory module. There is only 256MB on board, but it is very hard to get to.

So, we have to try and get as much memory in that SO-Dimm slot that you know is empty.
The logical size for that slot would be 512 MB making the total 768MB.

Look here for some pricing on ram SO-Dimms.

That takes care of the memory. As far as the Tiger 10.4 OS X upgrade, that's gonna cost you a little more. Actually a lot more.

The cheapest I can come up with, that is at least guaranteed (unlike the sellers on ebay for example) is at

Tiger retail install on DVD. You MUST have a DVD drive or a COMBO drive that reads DVDs to install this OS X package.

That will take care of getting Tiger/10.4 in the Mac. Then run Software Update from the Apple Menu and let it install the update to 10.4.11 for compatibility with the AirCard you want.

Hope this helps,
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