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Mike, Mac Support Specialist
Category: Mac
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Experience:  Apple trained Technician, A+ Certified, 20+ years of Mac support, repairs, training, and consulting
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I recently purchased not one but two, count them, two new Macs.

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I recently purchased not one but two, count them, two new Macs. I had to PURCHASE a works (word) program because one did not come with the computers... imagine my dismay.

Having purchased the 'family pack' and installed same I tried to set up my old DVD list so I could add to it my new DVDs.


How do I sort this list again so the new additions are inserted into the old list alphabetically..

and please don't tell me this new works program is as useless as it looks...


Congrats on the Macs. I take it from your dismay, that you are from a PC?

What 'works' package did you buy? Microsoft Office? iLife? iWork?

Let me know,
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Mike.. I've been a Mac owner for almost 20 years, so my dismay is doubled. I LOVE my Macs. I got the iwork program BECAUSE i wouldn't put anything that said Microsoft in my pudgy little hands!

I bought an' i work' package in hopes that it would be as close to my old WONDERFUL, simple Appleworks.

I don't really need ANYTHING in the iworks package except for the simplest of letter writing and list keeping .   I bought it only because I couldn't do this in Text Edit.

and yet, I can't sort a simple list of words (i.e. my list of DVDs).

I see that I CAN sort a table, but that isn't any help.

I use an application called DVDPedia. It is so cool. You can scan your DVDs by using the iSight camera built-in to the Mac.

Then it keeps them in a bookcase for you.

If you loan them out, you can track that as well.

I have sort of gotten out of using do-all apps like FileMaker Pro or Excel or even iWork apps to create databases or documents and then maintain them.

These apps now out are much cooler.

But, now that I know what you are trying to accomplish, let me do it here and get back with some instructions.

Mike and 5 other Mac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Waay too cool! That would actually be an Ok app if it kept them alphabetically and gave me a list..

but wait. people LOAN DVDs??

What a unique concept... <grin>

I'll wait for any more info you can give me. Do you need more money?(cuz you're working harder)

Let me wipe the sweat away... working too hard!


Yes, it does several types of printed reports and has an iTunes sort of display that you can set to List, coverflow, and others.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
But nothing on my FAMILY pack of iworks?

you know, I basically purchased the application just to do the DVD list... mostly.. and the occasional letter.

I'm very grouchy right now...

Oh, Sorry. Surprised

I had to replace my hard drive and forgot to look.

What app in iWorks are you using? Pages or Numbers?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Pages... but I have numbers, too..

they seem to want TABLES instead of just a list...


Give me a few...BRB


Sorry about the delay. After fixing my own Mac, my kid got sick and, well, ummm.... had to clean it up. Yuk.

Anyway, that sidetracked me and I had to sign off anyway.

Here's what I found.

Pages only does tables as you found. It also can do numbered/bulleted lists, but no sorting. There is sorting in tables, but it is very incovenient.

Number though, like Excel, is pretty powerful. You can customize a spreadsheet to do this, make it look nice and even place it in a Pages document.

You can set Sort order right in the column aso it is flexible in that you can sort by name column, year released column, etc...

I would say get used to Numbers and for reports, like a Library listing monhly or the like, place the spreadsheet into a nicely formatted Pages doc and print that.

Or use Numbers formatting and make it look nice in there.

But Pages has no real sort capabilities that would suffice.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks! I'm off to learn something new, I guess.. I put a positive note for you cuz you're great...

Didja get the bonus?

OH... and that's why I have cats instead of kids <grin>.. although cats sometimes harf up unpretty things too...

Yes, and Thank You very much. I appreciate that.

Cats huh? We had 8, now down to 4 due to my oldest moving out and taking a few.

Yes, they do ralf some weird stuff.


Good Luck with the DVD project and come back and see us again.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
OMG! You're a wizard!

I was afraid I couldn't copy and paste my already extensive list BUT I CAN!

I'd marry you if you didn't have kids!!! (well, and if I wasn't older than God!).. II built my first computer in 1983.. 512k Ram (or maybe I upgraded it to 512) and 512k Rom.. and, I used to sell those little Texas Instruments ones in 1979... I taught it to play Scott Joplin (call sound 540 and the duration and all) wrote it all down and put it in every morning ... they sold!

but I digress..

Thank you so much!

Well, thanks for the offer!!

Glad you got it working and come back again!


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